New Designs of the Week

It’s a new year and I am trying to stay motivated and productive, while getting things done at home, with my family, with my Etsy shop, with my own sewing/quilting/embroidery goals, get things done at work… days are long and it doesn’t look much different yet, but little by little I’m getting things done!

I have been getting back into my paper piecing projects and continued the Cadence Court Block of the Month using the Tula Pink All Stars fabric line, and I picked up my Maybe the Unicorn paper piecing project that I started so long ago and was halted on – this time I was able to finish selecting all the colors and writing them on the blocks and I even started sewing on a couple of them. Plus I started a new Cow! The Cow Abstractions that I just finished was for a Farm Friend and it has been sent out to be quilted. But of course my son wants a cow so I have started the second one… For in-progress photos of these check out my Instagram.

I’ve also been busy finishing items and getting them added to my Etsy shop. It’s hard to pick out a favorite design because there is always something new that I love to create. This week I added some new coasters and several new embroidery art designs. Click on the images below for more information – and as always if you want to see this design on a different background or color scheme or something else let me know!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. We are scheduled to get a lot of snow – so if you’re in the path of the storm stay safe and stay warm! Happy Friday!

Friday Is My 2nd Favorite F Word
Friday Is My 2nd Favorite F Word
Abstract Sparrow
Abstract Sparrow
It's All Fun and Games Until Your Jeans Don't Fit
It’s All Fun and Games Until Your Jeans Don’t Fit
'Tis the Season to be Freezin'
‘Tis the Season to be Freezin’
Gnomies Trio
Gnomies Trio – Also Available Separately
Happy Hour Coasters
Happy Hour Coasters


Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I have so many goals for this year. Exercise, healthy foods, read more, get everything organized, blog more… – the list goes on. But I know that if I try to do too much at one time, nothing will get done, so it’s going slow but I’m still progressing. And because of that, sometimes you need reminders – visual reminders that slap you in the face everyday and say “Remember your goals?!”. So I wanted to make this new series and have it ready by the beginning of the year. And I would have made it, had I not run out of ribbon!

There are 10 designs in this series, and I am just waiting for the ribbon to arrive to finish the last three, but here are the first seven, available now and ready to ship! Some of these are super exercise focused, but some can be used in broader terms. This first one is my favorite – Training to Become a Badass – that could work for anything, right?! I made one for me and it’s on my door as a reminder – a reminder to become a badass in fitness, a badass in health, a badass in sewing/quilting, a badass mom, probably the most important one!

These are all 8″ or 9″ hoops but I think I might want to make the mini versions too – any interest in that? A big reminder in a small size, and you can hang them up anywhere – as a reminder to yourself and how strong you are to others.

Anyways – here are the first seven available, and three more available soon, hoping my ribbon will arrive tomorrow and I can finish and photograph them by next weekend. What are your goals this year – what are you working on becoming a badass in? #2019Goals!

Click on the images for more information.

Excuses Don't Burn Calories
Working My Fluff Into Tough
Maybe Burpees Don't Like You Either
My Everything Is Sore
Will Run For Pizza
Yoga Now Wine Later

My Favorite Things

You may have noticed I have been doing a lot of machine embroidery lately, and I wanted to share a few of the tools that I use all the time – a few of my favorite things. My absolute favorite tool is the Brother Multipurpose Screwdriver – it has three functions and I always use two of them during the machine embroidery process. I use placement 1 when changing the sewing machine foot and needle. And I use placement 3 to loosen and tighten the machine embroidery hoops. Placement 2 I have used when I needed to loosed the lower plate, where the bobbin sits, but I don’t do that very often. This tool is so handy, it should come with the machine, or at least the embroidery part of the machine! There is not a good way to get the embroidery hoops to tighten by hand, as well as you can with this tool that sits over the angled screw and perfectly sits in the groove to tighten as needed. And I love how it can easily switch to different placements. You won’t regret having this – a perfect stocking stuffer for yourself! I have the Brother model (SAMDRIVER1) but there are generic versions as well on Amazon that should work the same.

Another tool I found to greatly help with my machine embroidery is the Hoop Grip Tape. I was having a problem with some of the thinner fabrics and/or stabilizers slipping and not staying taut when tightening, so I decided to try this gripper tape. I love it! While it’s not perfect and some fabrics are still slippery, it is a lot more stable. And the beautiful thing is it’s a once and done product – put the tape on the outer rim of the inside hoop and that’s it – it will stay on and do its magic until you remove the tape band. What you see below with the yellow – the yellow actually peels off, as well as an inside tape cover, and it’s a two-sided product. The sticky tape sticks to the inside hoop (outer edge where it aligns with the outside hoop), and the non-sticky side is covered in suction-like grippers that hold the fabric in place, but release when you are done and don’t leave any residue or bumps or any kind of damage. It’s a good temporary gripper for the fabric as you embroider, and it stays on the hoop forever!

And finally for this post, I love my Tula Pink Hardware collection. I have all the Tula Pink hardware pieces except for one pair of snips, but my favorite has to be the EZ Snip scissors – I had a different pair that I used for embroidery, to snip the embroidery thread while it was stitching but those kept getting bent and off track. This pair I have had for awhile and so far so good. It’s a great tool how it is curved and can easily fit under the machine raised foot to snip the loose thread, and then keep the machine moving. Check out the rest of her collection too – you won’t regret any of the purchases!

All of the links above are through Amazon, but other sites should have the items available as well.

What are some of your favorite tools?

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and that it wasn’t too cold to enjoy, or hindered by Mother Nature in any way – too much of that this year! I know I’ve been silent on the blog lately, but I do post to Instagram often so you can follow me there for the latest updates. I have been working on a lot of projects, and many new items, but photography is my biggest challenge as I’m not home most of the days when the sun is at its best, so it takes longer for me to post things now. Anyways, I have several quilts that I am working on – I showed my husband a quilt kit that I wanted to make for my son, and he said “oh that would make a great gift” for this other person – so now he has me making two – before Christmas! I am going to try and get copies of the large 11 x 17 templates today so I can start this weekend. Wish me luck! Those are in addition to the other quilts I have in progress, the Shabby Fabrics Rudolph & Friends I should have started a long time ago (I started yesterday) and a quilt for another pattern I am working on. Plus keeping the shop stocked with new items and requests. Plus I want to get my house completely organized by the New Year. Doable? We’ll see…

Just a few things that I finished and posted to the shop this week but if you are looking for something specific – check to see if I’ve made it or something similar – or let me know what you are looking for and I’ll see if I can add it.

For the Holiday Cyber Weekend my Etsy Shop is on sale 20% off through Cyber Monday! A great time to order those Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers! Just click on the images below to be taken to that shop section. Remember to support Shop Small Business Saturday 11.24.18!

First, the patches have been so popular, and I just added two new patches – I have a couple more that I want to make too, so those should be available soon. A Clean/Dirty patch for the Dishwasher – for mine and my non-magnetic stainless steel dishwasher, I am going to glue a ribbon loop on each end and use a command hook. But if your dishwasher is magnetic simply a glue a magnet to the back and it’s ready to go! And a Love Wins patch with a rainbow heart.

Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Patch

I also added the Blustery Autumn Cyclist in 2 sizes – I know we’re getting into Christmas now but I just love her!

Blustery Autumn Cyclist

And finally, I added 2 new sets of Coasters. I have some more sets I want to make, and let me know if you have ideas for coaster sets, I love making them!

Merry Market Coasters

Coasters Home Stack

Coaster Drink Coffee and Pretend to Know What You're Doing

Coaster I Followed My Heart

Coaster Hold My Beer

Coaster Hot Stuff Coming Through

Coaster If I Have to Stir

Coaster Screw It

Have a great Holiday weekend everyone! And remember to support Shop Small Business Saturday!

Delightful Desert Month 1: Cottontail

I started a new Block of the Month: the Delightful Desert Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. It’s a 9 month block of the month program, and month 1 was the easiest block with the Cottontail bunny. I have done a couple of her patterns before with the Hazel Hedgehog II and Florence Flamingo, but this is the first quilt with multiple animals, and there are a lot more in this quilt! Typically I like to get the whole kit and just go, but this time I think it might be good to have one month at a time so I can get that month’s block done and then move on to other projects.

It uses the standard pattern fabrics that she designed for this quilt, with a linen background, and when you break it down and do it step by step, it is much easier than looking at all the cutting and sewing and tiny pieces. If you have been wanting to make this pattern but hesitant or feeling overwhelmed, I would say start it and do just a little at a time. Even if you just cut the pieces one day and sew Figure 1 and Figure 2 the second day, that is still done and you can get an animal done in a week! So here are my Cottontail blocks, and I am looking forward to the next animal!

Delightful Desert Cottontail 2

Delightful Desert Cottontail 3

Delightful Desert Cottontail 4

Delightful Desert Cottontail 5

Delightful Desert Cottontail 6

Delightful Desert Cottontail 7

Delightful Desert Cottontail 8