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My husband’s 80’s T-shirt Quilt is finally finished! I started this a long time ago, right after I started sewing again, and took a class to learn how best to make a t-shirt quilt. It started as a surprise for my husband, but when I revealed what I was working on, he was very helpful with input, and adding more shirts to the design to make it much bigger than I initially planned.

I believe I started with 16 shirts for a 4×4 layout. He kept finding other shirts he wanted to add to the quilt, so first it was 16, then 20, and now the final 25 in a 5×5 layout. Luckily I ordered extra fabric for the backing and binding and I had enough to make the back and binding with the larger size.

Some shirts I bought, some were donated from my t-shirt collection, a couple from my husbands, and a few new “old” designs were added at the end for the overall collection.

M*A*S*H is his all-time favorite show, so I knew I had to get a M*A*S*H shirt in there but knew better than to cut his up, or ask him to donate it. So I donated mine. But my shirt wasn’t big enough, so I had to create borders from the back of the shirt to make it big enough. Each shirt square is 15″. The owl POPS shirt was also mine. I had hoped to grab the Sam Eagle Los Angeles 1984 Olympics shirt and add to my Olympic shirt collection, but he loves that one right in the center.

For the back of the quilt he decided to be totally different and use the same fabric I used when making a neck pillow for him for sore muscles and headaches – the back and binding fabric is from the Princeton fabric line from Northcott fabrics. And he wanted the quilting to match the back, so I used a machine quilting pattern in a simple damask for overall quilting to blend in on the back, and hopefully disappear on the shirts on the front.

And now that it is completely finished, it is folded neatly, sitting on the chair in his office so no one can damage it in any way. At least he loves it.