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Do you have a sweet little {or big} someone in your life that has found the addiction that is ? My sweet little boy found the game, and we threw him a Minecraft Birthday Party for his 7th birthday last spring. At the party I sent all the boys home with an individual Minecraft Mug Rug as party favors. Each one was different, and they got to pick their character, out of 15 characters, I created one of each.

The mug rug patterns were just the beginning, and a practice run for the actual bigger gift: a Minecraft Quilt. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it in time for the party – I was overwhelmed with sewing mug rugs and aprons and setting up party games, etc. But that gave me time to take a break from Minecraft for a little while, and take the time to pay attention to all the tiny little pieces, and be able to create the blocks a little better. Currently I have all 16 main blocks done and am in the process of finishing the Title Block – arguably the most difficult piece. I don’t have the whole quilt put together to show you just yet, but I do have enough done to share the patterns I came up with and show you where I am headed for the end result.

This is what I am working on:


The character layout isn’t set in stone yet, and I have to get approval from the little man before I lock them all in, but I have the 16 main blocks done so he can play around with the characters and see where he wants to place each one. The finished size will be roughly 60″ x 71″ and should fit nicely on his Full size bed, or be really fun to drag downstairs to the sofa while he plays Minecraft.

I invite you to quilt along with me as I finish and post the pixel patterns I came up with. And if you start making your blocks now and stay on track, you’ll be done in time for an awesome holiday gift this year!

Are you ready to {Mine} craft along with me? All the patterns will be available through Craftsy – that way if I need to make an update for any reason, Craftsy will notify you of the new version and you can make sure you have the most up-to-date version when you start that block.

If you want to have all your fabrics for the blocks ready before you begin, these are the fabrics you will need for the blocks (listed in yardage and should give you some room for extra pieces, scraps could also work). Each block pattern will also list its fabric requirements if you would rather go block by block. I believe these numbers are correct; I cut my pixels block by block from my mini bolts but I believe my calculations here are correct. Let me know if you find otherwise though!

27 Jan 16: UPDATED – added Finishing yardage

Kona Black*: 1 yard
Kona White: 1-1/4 yards

Kona Blush Pink: Scrap 4″ x 8″
Kona Bone: 1/8 yard
Kona Cardinal: 1/4 yard
Kona Carnation: 1/4 yard
Kona Cerise: Scrap piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square
Kona Champagne: 1/8 yard
Kona Coffee: 1/4 yard
Kona Earth: 1/8 yard
Kona Grellow: Scrap piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square
Kona Jungle: 1/4 yard
Kona Kiwi: 1/8 yard
Kona Laurel: 1/8 yard
Kona Leaf: 1/8 yard
Kona Malibu: 1/8 yard
Kona Mint: 1/8 yard
Kona Mulberry: Scrap piece 2″ x 4″
Kona Raffia: 1/8 yard
Kona Shadow: 1/3 yard
Kona Sour Apple: 1/8 yard
Kona Steel: Scrap piece 4″ x 10″
Kona Yarrow: Scrap piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square

Optional: 2″ Fusible grid: about 4 yards

For the fusible grid, I found the end of a bolt at my local quilt shop. It is Quilt Fuse 2″ Fusible Grid Style 3240-1 Width 48″.

*This yardage is for the 16 quilt blocks and Title Block.

Kona Black will also be used for sashing, borders and binding. You can get all the sashing, borders and binding from a 2-yard cut. I break down the cuts in the Finishing Instructions PDF.

I plan to release 2 block patterns per week for the next 8 weeks, then the pattern for the Title Block in week 9, then in week 10 the finishing with sashes and borders.
All Minecraft Quilt Blocks have been released, and I recently added a bonus Ocelot block!

I hope you’ll join me as I work to finish this Minecraft Quilt for my son and give him an awesome quilt to snuggle up with this winter!