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Ironing Seams Flat

It has been fun starting to sew again – it has been many years – and finding things that I either forgot about, or never knew before. One thing I had to do recently, when sewing together the new café curtains for my kitchen, was to sew the seams flat, separating them from each other. The easiest method that I found may work for you too!

I always have my iron full of distilled water when I turn it on, I have found that my iron works much better with the cotton fabric that way. Once the iron is warmed up, I part the seams down the center with my fingers so that I can get the iron in there easier. Since I am right-handed, I take the left side of the iron – the very edge of the iron – and place that in the corner of the seam. I press down the right side of the seam flat, the steam and heat of the iron makes this easy to do. Then when the right side is flat, it’s easy to flatten the left side of the seam and both sides are even and flat – much easier to sew the pieces together!

Now back to my café curtains – the fraying is taking forever but they are looking just like I want them to. Will post a photo when they are complete and up on the window, I can’t wait to see it in action. Until then, have a great Monday and I will be back with more tips and tricks when I have them.