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Introducing Diana Joyce

Miss Diana Joyce was born January 15th at 12:59am in Seattle. Mom and baby (and Dad and big brother…) are now back home in Bellingham, but I was able to spend a little time with my brand new niece on her birthday, and at 1 day old. Her “hours old” photos were just taken with my iPhone, and then some yesterday with a better camera. She weighed in at a nice 7 lbs. 13.5 oz, and a whole lot of hair!

Diana Dixon 01

Diana with Uncle Shawn.

Diana with Uncle Shawn.

Clearly wanting to go back to favorite Auntie (moi).

Clearly wanting to go back to favorite Auntie (moi).

***UPDATE January 20th: I got the photos from my husband’s cell phone taken the morning she was born. The angle is a little off, but you can see her face!

Diana Dixon 04

Diana Dixon 05

Diana Dixon 06

We decided to steal our nephew, big brother Orion to go pick up Riley from school and go out to lunch. The boys decided on pancakes, so we knew just where to take them – a place where the pancakes are bigger than your head! I think the photos kind of speak for themselves…

Riley and Orion 01

Riley and Orion 02

And then yesterday, I was able to take Riley over and introduce him to his new cousin. At first he was very hesitant to even touch her much less hold her. We finally convinced him that he wouldn’t break her, and she wouldn’t get up and chase him around the playground. Apparently the girl army at his elementary school chases around Kindergarten boys on a daily basis. So we finally got him to hold her…

Diana Dixon Day 1_02

Diana Dixon Day 1_03

And then big brother Orion wanted a photo with her…

Diana Dixon Day 1_04

Diana Dixon Day 1_05

One with Dad…

Diana Dixon Day 1_06

And one with me…

Diana Dixon Day 1_01

Where’s mom you might ask? I didn’t get any photos with mom, but we’ll work on that. Grandma and I will be going up to visit them soon. Until then… stay small little one!

Meet Bailey

I would love to introduce you to the newest member of our family – Bailey. She was born in March and is now 11 weeks old, and everywhere we go people stop me to ask about her and to adore her. She is a Mini Dachsund and currently weighs about 2 pounds. We have never had a dog this small before – our last was a retired German Shepherd that weighed more than 120 pounds and his tail could knock over our dining room chairs. Seriously. Anyways… we adore her, and here are a couple shots of her first days home.

Bailey Sleeping On Slippers

Bailey Sleeping On Slippers

Riley and Bailey Playing Soccer

Riley and Bailey Playing Soccer

Riley and Bailey

Bailey Trying to Climb Steps