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I have been trying to catch up on embroidery designs that I have created but never finished. I was able to finish several this weekend and get them posted. This week was full of lions and tigers and butterflies… oh my! And llamas and ravens too! I love how all of the designs turned out in this week’s set of art, but I think the tiger is my favorite. We just saw Aladdin this weekend and I really think I need a tiger, plus the rainbows and butterflies in the design, it’s just perfect.

Click on the images below to go to the listing and get more information. And let me know if there is something you are looking for that you can’t find that I might be able to create for you. This week I will be busy making patches so I don’t know how many new designs I will be able to finish and post next weekend.

Have a great week – and thanks for visiting!

Butterfly Dreams Tiger

The Enchanting Llama Face is available in two sizes: 9″ and 5″

Enchanting Llama Face
Enchanting Llama Face

The No Probllama is available in two sizes: 10″ and 5″

No Probllama
No Probllama
Majestic Pink Lion

I love how this Monarch Fashionista is clearly a woman in a fashionable dress, yet clearly a butterfly!

Monarch Fashionista
Poe-etic Love Birds
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