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The first month is done – January is complete in a variety of rich purples. Do you have a favorite for this month? I don’t know that I could select just one, there are a few that I love, and my child is trying to claim most of them.

If there is a particular piece you are interested in, remember they are all listed on Etsy, and the links below are linked to the Kona Color of the Day Category. Hope you had a fantastic first month of the year. On to February!

Kona Raisin
January 26: Raisin
Kona Berry
January 27: Berry
Kona Gumdrop
January 28: Gumdrop
Kona Gumdrop
January 29: Gumdrop
Kona Corsage
January 30: Corsage
Kona Petunia
January 31: Kona Petunia
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