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Welcome to February! I made it through the first month and have started February with the Pinks. I find myself wandering through the day with “what goes with Punch, what would look good on Watermelon” in the back of my mind. Eventually I come up with something. This grouping includes a brand new Kona Color: Dragon Fruit, and my son said I have to put a dragon on it. So I did – a Fierce Dragon. The latest Kona Color of the Day images are below, and remember you can follow along with me on Instagram to see the Color of the Day on that day!

Kona Ballerina
February 1: Ballerina
Kona Bordeaux
February 2: Bordeaux
Kona Plum
February 3: Plum
Kona Cerise
February 4: Cerise
Kona Dragon Fruit
February 5: Dragon Fruit
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