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Oh I had fun making these! I love a Chubby Unicorn (Rhino), and that bright Carnation pink just screamed Lacy Skull to me! The pinks have been tricky for me. When trying to decide on a design I have to see if it goes orange or blue, and what intensity is it, how intense do I want the background to be… I am hoping it will become a little easier soon, but I have a feeling that every month is going to provide some sort of challenge. Here are the 5 from this batch – enjoy!

Find these and more in the Kona Color of the Day category on Etsy!

Kona Sassy Pink
February 6: Sassy Pink
Kona Carnation
February 7: Carnation
Kona Petal
February 8: Petal
Kona Sangria
February 9: Sangria
Kona Valentine
February 10: Valentine
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