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More bright pinks to work with – who knew there would be SO many bright pinks to work with? I love them, but sometimes they were a challenge! But Sew What?! This week I threw in a sweet southern phrase, some sass, my first use of a variegated thread on MAKE, and the first appearance in a Fairy Tale series – love those pigs! Find these and more in the Kona Color of the Day category.

Anything specific you are looking for? Let me know!

Kona Pomegranate
February 16: Pomegranate
Kona Honeysuckle
February 17: Honeysuckle
Kona Azalea
February 18: Azalea
Kona Camellia
February 19: Camellia
Kona Woodrose
February 20: Woodrose
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