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Hello March! When I think March, I think greens. But this Kona palette has me into the rich reds and bold, deep oranges. I would have put this palette into September or November, but no, here we are in March. I’m rolling through the colors – I keep getting stuck on something and then I wait and think and go “okay this one!” and then it works. It’s definitely a challenge!

This set I have 2 of the same Kona Color for you – the designs were similar and I couldn’t pick just one. So I made them both. Find these and more on Etsy!

Kona Burgundy
March 1: Burgundy
Kona Wine
March 2: Wine
Kona Deep Rose
March 3: Deep Rose
Kona Rose
March 4: Rose
Kona Rose
March 4: Rose
Kona Foxglove
March 5: Foxglove
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