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Oh my gosh – the world is so crazy right now. Right before I went to sleep last night I saw that California is on Lockdown. California is closed. California!! That state is so large, so many people. California – and the rest of the USA – and the world – I am praying for you, all of us, all day long now. It wasn’t like this for H1N1, SARS, MERS – nothing has ever been like this before. It is INSANE.

So on that note – I may not be able to finish my project. I think I can get through March, but anything after that is a guessing game. Will I be able to get the supplies I need – so many unknowns related to that – money, price, availability, time to complete, etc. I have the Kona and the thread, so at the very least I should be able to finish the panel, it may just not be in complete finished form when I post them, but I will try to finish all that I can.

This set starts to finish the deep rich reds and begins the oranges. I tried to have some fun with this set. My husband would like to have the Circus Monkeys one on a hoodie for Scout campouts, just need to change the “Crap” to something a little more Scout friendly.

As always these are available through Etsy. Stay healthy everyone. Please be aware of your interactions – be smart, be safe, be healthy.

Kona Ruby
March 16: Ruby
Kona Cayenne
March 17: Cayenne
Kona Red
March 18: Red
Kona Tomato
March 19: Tomato
Kona Chili
March 20: Chili
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