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I woke up early yesterday and made some new Accessories – Earrings, Ear Bud Holders, and a Zipper Bag. I need to fine tune the Zipper Bag process a little bit, and need more vinyl, but I will have several designs available when I figure that step out. They are so fun!

For now, here are the new Accessories I finished – one of each is ready to ship. They are all backed with matching vinyl, very lightweight, and super cute! I’m really liking the Ear Bud Holders – the Star is a bit tighter than the Poke Ball, but he’s so cute – just an extra moment of organizing and he will do what you need him to do. And the earrings are fun to mix and match.

Stay healthy everyone! We can do this and get through this!

Poke Ball Ear Bud Holder
Super Mario Brothers Star Ear Bud Holder
Bacon & Eggs Earrings
Cracked Eggs Earrings
Ketchup & Mustard Earrings
Peanut Butter & Jelly Earrings
Toilet Paper Earrings
Mickey Ear Hat Earrings
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