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March is done! Not all completely finished – but DONE! And a reminder – I am rationing my supplies right now so if you see something here you want me to finish and put up on Etsy let me know and I can create a listing.

I seem to have trouble with the bright and bold colors – pinks, reds, oranges. And these are so difficult to photograph! Getting into the yellows now, wonder if I will have the same problems? Here is March. Now to think about April.

Kona Tangerine
March 26: Tangerine
Kona Orangeade
March 27: Orangeade
Kona Nectarine
March 28: Nectarine
Kona Creamsicle
March 29: Creamsicle
Kona Peach
March 30: Peach
Kona Cantaloupe
March 31: Cantaloupe
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