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Happy Friday! Are you surviving whatever level of quarantine you are in? Honestly it’s not killing me – except I can’t just run to the store if I need something. A little more conscious about what and how much I use of everything. But if I run out of coffee or coffee creamer…

So I switched gears. I know I said I wanted to make all the coaster designs I have – and I still do – but there are a LOT more to make. I really wanted to make some bookmarks too. I had to switch things up, and I am so glad that I did – these bookmarks turned out great! And there are more bookmarks to come. I have such a long list of things to make, the hard part right now is figuring out what to make next – and what supplies I have for it in my stash, or do I need to wait until I get the correct supplies. So I make what I can make and hope for a perfect overcast day the next day to get a good shot. It doesn’t always happen.

Here is my latest set of Bookmarks, and some new Key Fobs – aren’t Cutie Cthulhu and little Gus Gus so adorable? And Jaq is coming soon!

Find the Key Fobs in the Key Fobs & Bag Tags section and find all the Bookmarks in the Bookmarks & Book Weights section. Perfect for an Easter Basket – at least one of each ready to ship. And watch for more to come soon!

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