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** UPDATE: I added a coupon code to the site through July. It doesn’t let me put the store on sale all at once so there is a coupon code for all orders. Use Coupon Code DROP15 through July. Have a great week! **

I hope everyone had a happy, long holiday weekend! Among other things, I decided to test out a new online shop. This allows me to have more items, more categories, and a little more freedom with listings than on Etsy, and I’m not sure how people get the Facebook traffic to sell there, so I decided to try this. I imported most products and have been taking the last 3 days to try and clean up a little. I do still have several more items to go through, but I think most things are set up and correct. I will be going through again to double-check and make sure all the photos are there. And I have new (and new OLD items) to add so I will be adding those as soon as I can, once all the existing product updates are complete.

If you happen to see something that is completely wrong, or have a question that I can address let me know – it’s not helpful to anyone if it is wrong or missing information. Also please be patient with any bugs that may arise with checkout or shipping. I haven’t used this eCommerce store before – I think I have everything set up correctly but I won’t know for sure until an order is placed all the way through.

Take a look – and check back soon – if you are looking for something and don’t see it on Etsy, it may show up here soon. And as always let me know if there is something specific you are looking for!

Home Page is

And find all products here. I will be updating the Categories soon, adding some, organizing. It will be a constant work on progress.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great rest of your weekend!

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