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New Elf Sweaters 10.25

Starting up on some new Elf designs. I made these 5 sweaters last night and I am setting up for more sweaters and some fun COSTUMES! These will all fit the standard elf friend that sits shelf-like and taunts your children with fun games, messes to clean up, general naughty or nice shenanigans!

I can’t show the elf face in the photos, but be sure that I use the popular traditional elf that sits in a tree, on a table, in the refrigerator, on a shelf… you get the idea!

The other super teeny tiny costumes fit the mini baby elf twins. Those costumes are designed for the miniature baby elf that is about 4 1/2″ tall hat to feet. Made out of fleece, the items slip over the head. If you want to see the elf used in the costume photo in those listings, do a search on Amazon for “elf dolls mini twins”.

But anything that says “elf sweater” or “elf costume” that does NOT start with “Lil” is for the full size traditional elf.

I just want to be clear on this – I have had several requests in the past few weeks to translate the teeny tiny mini elf costumes into costumes for humans, and dogs. And that is just not possible for me to do. I don’t have a tiny human, and I don’t make costumes for my dachshunds – they would be disproportionate to say the least! So if you are looking for a Lil Peanut 4″ costume or a Basketball elf costume to fit your own tiny human or giant dog – this is not the place. Please find an amazing tiny human costume maker or a dog costume maker and ask them!

On to the new sweaters. They are linked below – and let me know of any specific designs or costumes you are looking for. The time to ask is now as I will only get busier. Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

Sweaters are linked below, or you can shop on Etsy here.

Super Tiny Baby Elf Costumes

Hello there! It is the end of July and I need to start thinking about Christmas. It is literally Feels like 97ยบ at this very moment, and I’m deep in Fleece and red and green and costuming! And the cicadas are going crazy.

Are you planning for the Holiday season yet?

Among other things, I need to ramp up production on the Elf Emporium. I still have several more Elf Sweaters to make as options for this year, but costumes were popular last year, too! I thought I might whip up some Mini Baby Elf costumes first – the nice thing about these elves is that they are so so tiny, and for about $11 you can have 2 tiny elves and 2 sleeping bags. Here is a non-sponsored link on Amazon.

Last year I made the tiny pickle costume, the peanut, the snowman, and the poop and unicorn poop. This weekend I made several more! I may have more coming in the future in this size, but this is what I have available now. Some of these were easier to get into / out of than others. I may try and see if I can modify the final stitching so it is easier to costume the little elf.

See all available options in the Baby Elf Costumes category. Do you have an idea for another costume? Let me know below. Which one is your favorite?

New Elf Items

We have eleven days until Christmas – how is your Elf game? I’m having so much making these items and am running out of time! Here are some recent favorites, and find more here and here on Etsy.

‘Tis the Season… to Prepare for the Seasons

It’s in the 90s and I am working with Fleece. Planning for the Holidays starts months in advance – I did some already but I’m really getting into the hardcore prep now, with 3 shows coming up – they will be here so fast I’m sure!

So this weekend I’ve been working on some Halloween, and some Christmas. And earlier this week I did some True Crime – and Tacos. All are now listed at the Studio and select items on Etsy.

I am so ready for Back to School. Snuck some fun School felties in here too! The Felties shown below are all Vinyl on the front and Felt on the back, and all around the 1.75inch-ish size.

As always leave a comment and let me know if there is anything you are looking for. I’m really getting into Halloween and Elfwear with my Elf Emporium – so now is the time to ask!

Have a Safe and Happy Week!

How to Dress An Elf

‘Tis the Season! Are you elves out yet? Mine are! They always make their annual debut after Thanksgiving – and this year they came with a wardrobe! I am still working on the Accessories and Costumes so more to come, but we are having fun with the Sweaters.

The Sweaters. How to Dress an Elf. It’s tricky at first, but gets easier. I have some photos below to show you what I have figured out so far that works for me.

First – if your elves still have their hands connected you will need to separate those – use tiny scissors so as not to cut their hands, just the thread.

Each Sweater I ship out should have a small slit cut into the back of the sweater. Each sweater has a different shape so they fit a bit different, but I have found a sweater base that I like so those that can be on the basic sweater shape, I will use that – it seems to do a little better with dressing and undressing the elves. If you need to, cut the slit a little bigger depending on your elf.

Go up over the feet – as long as you can get the slit over the body where it meets the feet, you should be good!

On Step 1: Go up over the feet. Stop just below the shoulders.

On Step 2: Tuck the arms down into the sleeves.

On Step 3: Shimmy the arms down into the sleeves as you pull the sweater up. Tweezers may be helpful to pull the arms through.

You can put the collar over or under the sweater:

To Remove the Sweater: Do the same thing in reverse. Pull the arms up a little bit.

Pull the arms all the way out:

And pull the sweater off at the feet.

Now you are ready for a new sweater! I added many sweaters to the Elf Emporium category recently – be sure to take a look. And on Instagram today it is Star Wars Sweater Sunday! A couple of my favorites below. Thanks for stopping by – I hope this helped you and I hope you and your family enjoy the Holiday Season!