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Ready to Ship Sale

I am going to try something – I know Ready to Ship items are popular because they can be shipped out right away and not have the wait involved with something that needs to be made. It’s nice to be able to see what is ready to ship, right? So at the end of each month I will have a sale on the Ready to Ship items on Etsy. Each week I go through and move some things into that category. Some of my favorites currently in the category are shown below. See all options here on Etsy – there is usually only one of each so if you want it, grab it – and I will ship it out ASAP! The sale is Today through Sunday. I will add more in this weekend before the sale ends so keep checking.

Thank you and Happy Thursday!

* If a listing sells and you would like me to resist it as Made to Order just let me know – most can be remade, but if there is a specific fabric background such as in the Hen/Rooster shown below, that will be different.

New This Week 02.21.21

Added this weekend – find them on Etsy, or in the Studio. If you have any checkout problems through the Studio link please let me know!

This weekend I added one bookmark, 6 new Extra Large Snap Trays, some Plant Markers, and several Kitchen Towels. If you are looking for something let me know!

My favorite this week? Probably the Potatoes Gonna Potate and Tomatoes Gonna Tomate. What’s yours?!

All the Bernie

Happy February! We are 1/12th the way through the new year. Is 2021 treating you any better? I’m not sure yet…

I just wanted to share all the fun new Bernie meme items I have been creating recently – getting some good feedback, and I have more coming, just need to find the time to make and photograph and list. I try to create several new items each week – a variety to choose from – but you know, life. Some weeks have more new things, some less. Anyway – here are the fun Bernie items I have created so far, and more to come!

You can find them all at My Rainy Day Designs Studio or on Etsy.

And my favorite, the Soft Mittens design. Original Lyrics by me!

New Finger Puppet Sets + Mint Tin Play Sets

So I have found a new love of creating Finger Puppet Sets. I know kids {of all ages} love to play with them, but they are also cute just sitting there on your desk – brightens your day! There are so many designs out there right now – with favorite series, holiday, even super mini play tins! I have 4 sets that I finished recently. You can see all available sets in the Finger Puppets section – and many more are on their way!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend – wherever you are in the world. And stay safe!

USA States Collection: Idaho & Montana + More

I know I haven’t been that great at updating lately – too many things to do, not enough time. I will try to be better. This post is just a short update to let you know that I finished 2 more states, Idaho & Montana, and that I think for the time being, I will get the files ready to be stitched, and do a product preview of what the stitching will look like with my selected colors, but I don’t have time to stitch them all out right now, and wrap them all with that much black ribbon – and store them! I am running out of storage space.

I think I will be having a Sample Sale soon of products that have been in storage for awhile. There will only be one of each for the most part. The items can still be made to order – also some that were made awhile ago I may not have the same fabric or supplies available to me, so it could be a Limited Edition! More on that to come.

Below are previews of completed Idaho and Montana, and a preview of Nevada. Still working my way East. You can find these completed and ready to ship designs at my new Shop, Rainy Day Designs Studio, or on Etsy. Nevada will be up soon. As soon as I get the finished piece stitched and hooped, I will update with a finished photo. But looking at the previous 7 states completed will give you a good idea of what your selected state will look like. I hope to have all 50 States available soon.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

P.S. There is a SALE over at Etsy. Put $20 or more in your cart and see your total drop 20%!


New This Week: 06.28.20

I got a lot done this week – I love batch creating! Many new Snap Tray options, bookmarks, bag tags/key fobs and a Fractions learning set. Trying to figure out what to make next – so much on my To Do list!

See all new items here: My Rainy Day Designs

Let me know if there is anything you are looking for!