Kona Color of the Day: February 16 – February 20

More bright pinks to work with – who knew there would be SO many bright pinks to work with? I love them, but sometimes they were a challenge! But Sew What?! This week I threw in a sweet southern phrase, some sass, my first use of a variegated thread on MAKE, and the first appearance in a Fairy Tale series – love those pigs! Find these and more in the Kona Color of the Day category.

Anything specific you are looking for? Let me know!

Kona Pomegranate
February 16: Pomegranate
Kona Honeysuckle
February 17: Honeysuckle
Kona Azalea
February 18: Azalea
Kona Camellia
February 19: Camellia
Kona Woodrose
February 20: Woodrose

Kona Color of the Day: February 6 – February 10

Oh I had fun making these! I love a Chubby Unicorn (Rhino), and that bright Carnation pink just screamed Lacy Skull to me! The pinks have been tricky for me. When trying to decide on a design I have to see if it goes orange or blue, and what intensity is it, how intense do I want the background to be… I am hoping it will become a little easier soon, but I have a feeling that every month is going to provide some sort of challenge. Here are the 5 from this batch – enjoy!

Find these and more in the Kona Color of the Day category on Etsy!

Kona Sassy Pink
February 6: Sassy Pink
Kona Carnation
February 7: Carnation
Kona Petal
February 8: Petal
Kona Sangria
February 9: Sangria
Kona Valentine
February 10: Valentine

Kona Color of the Day: February 1 – February 5

Welcome to February! I made it through the first month and have started February with the Pinks. I find myself wandering through the day with “what goes with Punch, what would look good on Watermelon” in the back of my mind. Eventually I come up with something. This grouping includes a brand new Kona Color: Dragon Fruit, and my son said I have to put a dragon on it. So I did – a Fierce Dragon. The latest Kona Color of the Day images are below, and remember you can follow along with me on Instagram to see the Color of the Day on that day!

Kona Ballerina
February 1: Ballerina
Kona Bordeaux
February 2: Bordeaux
Kona Plum
February 3: Plum
Kona Cerise
February 4: Cerise
Kona Dragon Fruit
February 5: Dragon Fruit

Kona Color of the Day: January 26 – January 31

The first month is done – January is complete in a variety of rich purples. Do you have a favorite for this month? I don’t know that I could select just one, there are a few that I love, and my child is trying to claim most of them.

If there is a particular piece you are interested in, remember they are all listed on Etsy, and the links below are linked to the Kona Color of the Day Category. Hope you had a fantastic first month of the year. On to February!

Kona Raisin
January 26: Raisin
Kona Berry
January 27: Berry
Kona Gumdrop
January 28: Gumdrop
Kona Gumdrop
January 29: Gumdrop
Kona Corsage
January 30: Corsage
Kona Petunia
January 31: Kona Petunia