Kona Color of the Day January 21 – January 25

Getting closer to the end of the month! Some of these colors I was struggling with, and then I started to do some Word Art designs and try to make them pop. One more post and we will be done with January. If there is something that you see here that you would like to see on your own wall, they are all listed on Etsy and ready to ship! Check out the Kona Color of the Day category.

Kona Magenta
January 21: Magenta
Kona Violet
January 22: Violet
Kona Lupine
January 23: Lupine
Kona Pansy
January 24: Pansy
Kona Orchid
January 25: Orchid

Kona Color of the Day: January 16 – January 20

Halfway through the month and still going strong. Trying to stay a step ahead and figure out the designs for the upcoming colors. Some are really easy, some are much harder than they should be. Not that I had a theme, but this set of 5 days is all about “statement”. Enjoy!

Kona Wisteria
January 16: Wisteria
Kona Orchid Ice
January 17: Orchid Ice
Kona Thistle
January 18: Thistle
Kona Eggplant
January 19: Eggplant
Kona Dark Violet
January 20: Dark Violet

Kona Color of the Day: January 11 – January 15

Hello! I am back with the next 5 days of the Kona Color of the Day Project. The next 5 are still in the purple range, but some are deep and rich colors and some are lighter. I had fun with this set and their designs and color palettes! Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you would like to see daily updates!

Kona Princess
January 11: Princess
Kona Hibiscus
January 12: Hibiscus
Kona Mulberry
January 13: Mulberry
Kona Crocus
January 14: Crocus
Kona Dahlia
January 15: Dahlia

Kona Color of the Day: January 1 – January 5

Have you been following along on Instagram? Here is a recap of the first 5 days of the Kona Color of the Day Project. I am working my way through the Kona Calendar, and some colors are a challenge, but sometimes that is the good part – trying to think outside of the standard background box. Just 361 days to go! (Ignore the tiny snowflakes in the photos below – it was trying to snow when I was taking photos.)

Kona Velvet
January 1: Velvet
Kona Bright Periwinkle
January 2: Bright Periwinkle
Kona Lavender
January 3: Lavender
Kona Lilac
January 4: Lilac
Kona Midnight
January 5: Midnight

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and are waking up this morning inspired for the New Year.

Today marks the start of my new project idea: The Kona Color of the Day Project. When I heard about the new Kona Colors being released last Fall, I did the math and realized there were 365 total colors (not counting special “of the year” colors) – one for each day of the year. Plus a bonus color as there are 366 days this year. I started to put my plan into motion.

Then, I saw that Robert Kaufman had their own idea, and made their own Kona Calendar for the year.

I had started to identify January and February days for color schemes, but threw those out when I saw the Robert Kaufman Calendar – and aligned with their plan.

So then I started on my plan – a design for each Kona Color. The challenge is trying to find the right design with the right Kona Color for the right month or season or holiday during the year. And I’ve gotten stuck along the way, but I am still chugging along – doing my best Dory impression, I keep swimming.

I will be posting the Kona Color of the Day Project on Instagram each day. Then maybe every 5-10 days I will post here for those days that have occurred recently, plus a possible monthly wrap up. Some of it I am still figuring out. But today I have the first day for you. They will also all be listed on Etsy so you can click the link for more information.

Follow me on Instagram for daily updates and the Kona Color of the Day, or follow me here for a periodic recap. As I go through the days and designs and Kona Colors, I get more ideas and it keeps changing – I am excited to see where it goes!

Kona Velvet