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Trinket Sew Along

My Finished Trinket Quilt Top

Welcome to my Trinket Sew Along quilt! Beginning March 10th we will be posting one block per day on Instagram. The layout that I selected will have 218 pieced blocks, and 219 solid blocks. I will be creating 5 of the same blocks at a time, and then select my favorite 18 blocks to make at the end to finish out the 218 blocks.

I am using the Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric collection, and have selected 36 of the 40 colors for the pieced blocks, and one color for the background. The fabrics came to me unlabeled, so I have tried to match them up as best as possible with the colors I see on the computer screen and in real life in the fabric – they may not be correct as to what Alison Glass named them on her end, but at least I am consistent with each use!

I will be posting one image per day on Instagram, but will post all the blocks here as I go through the weeks, and label the colors used in case you are wondering.

You can find out more about the Trinket Sew Along here.

Assuming I have the colors labeled correctly, for the pieced blocks I am using the following colors: Cherry, Tomato, Poppy, Strawberry, Salmon, Shrimp, Persimmon, Carrot, Sunflower, Citrus, Goldenrod, Lichen, Pine, Grass, Fern, Opal, Aquamarine, Dragonfly, Beetle, Peacock, Blue Bonnet, Sapphire, Iris, Blue Jay, Hydrangea, Periwinkle, Lavender, Thistle, Foxglove, Cosmos, Dahlia, Peony, Pomegranate, Urchin, Raisin, Beet.

When I decided to create this quilt a few months ago, I came up with a layout idea based on the 19 x 23 block layout, and using 36 of the 40 colors for the paper pieced squares. I will be using Raven for the background checkerboard squares. Probably Raven for the binding too, as I want the focus on the squares.

With my 36 selected colors, I would create six blocks of each as a Base Color (i.e. base color Cherry, base color Fern, etc.), with the last 2 colors having 7 each to make the total of 218. I am also making five of each of the 40 blocks, plus an extra 17 of my choosing, and the bonus ribbon block. Here is my color grid:

Trinket Layout
Trinket Layout

And I should mention that I took the Kaleidoscope colors, selected the closest Kona cotton colors, and used those Kona colors that I have saved in the computer to come up with this layout – these colors will NOT be exact to the final Kaleidoscope colors.

And now that the Trinket Sew Along is over, and my quilt top is complete, I went back and labeled the actual layout – a little different than my planned version, but I think with how the colors in the blocks play together, it works! Remember that the solid colors shown were my base color selections, and then the accent colors to go with each block.

Trinket Final Layout Labeled
Trinket Final Layout Labeled

The codes above stand for:
L = Lines
S = Shapes
T = Things
F = Life
1-10 = corresponding block
A-F = Color Order of 5 or 6 blocks. S1A = Shapes Block 1 #1 (First of 5 or 6 like this)
BR = Bonus Ribbon Block

See below for the specific blocks. The first color listed is the Base color for each block.

437 Trinket Blocks

Trinket Blocks

Trinket Lines 1A: Cherry, Tomato, Persimmon
Trinket Lines 1B: Persimmon, Carrot, Sunflower
Trinket Lines 1C: Grass, Pine, Fern
Trinket Lines 1D: Peacock, Beetle, Dragonfly
Trinket Lines 1E: Lavender, Periwinkle, Hydrangea
Trinket Lines 2A: Cherry, Salmon
Trinket Lines 2B: Carrot, Persimmon
Trinket Lines 2C: Fern, Sunflower
Trinket Lines 2D: Blue Bonnet, Raisin
Trinket Lines 2E: Thistle, Periwinkle
Trinket Lines 3A: Tomato, Persimmon
Trinket Lines 3B: Sunflower, Goldenrod
Trinket Lines 3C: Fern, Grass
Trinket Lines 3D: Sapphire, Iris
Trinket Lines 3E: Thistle, Lavender
Trinket Lines 4A: Poppy, Salmon, Strawberry, Cherry
Trinket Lines 4B: Sunflower, Goldenrod, Lichen, Citrus
Trinket Lines 4C: Opal, Beetle, Peacock, Iris
Trinket Lines 4D: Sapphire, Peacock, Beetle, Dragonfly
Trinket Lines 4E: Foxglove, Cosmos, Urchin, Beet
Trinket Lines 5A: Poppy, Shrimp, Salmon
Trinket Lines 5B: Citrus, Lichen, Goldenrod
Trinket Lines 5C: Opal, Beetle, Dragonfly
Trinket Lines 5D: Iris, Blue Jay, Sapphire
Trinket Lines 5E: Cosmos, Beet, Urchin
Trinket Lines 6A: Strawberry, Cherry
Trinket Lines 6B: Goldenrod, Beet
Trinket Lines 6C: Aquamarine, Sapphire
Trinket Lines 6D: Blue Jay, Iris
Trinket Lines 6E: Cosmos, Raisin
Trinket Lines 7A: Salmon, Opal
Trinket Lines 7B: Goldenrod, Persimmon
Trinket Lines 7C: Dragonfly, Citrus
Trinket Lines 7D: Blue Jay, Lichen
Trinket Lines 7E: Dahlia, Thistle
Trinket Lines 8A: Salmon, Poppy
Trinket Lines 8B: Lichen, Citrus
Trinket Lines 8C: Dragonfly, Beetle
Trinket Lines 8D: Hydrangea, Periwinkle
Trinket Lines 8E: Peony, Urchin
Trinket Lines 9A: Shrimp, Hydrangea
Trinket Lines 9B: Pine, Blue Bonnet
Trinket Lines 9C: Beetle, Peacock
Trinket Lines 9D: Periwinkle, Foxglove
Trinket Lines 9E: Peony, Dahlia
Trinket Lines 10A: Persimmon, Carrot, Tomato
Trinket Lines 10B: Pine, Fern, Lichen
Trinket Lines 10C: Peacock, Sapphire, Iris
Trinket Lines 10D: Periwinkle, Dahlia, Beet
Trinket Lines 10E: Pomegranate, Raisin, Urchin
Trinket Shapes 1A: Cherry, Strawberry
Trinket Shapes 1B: Persimmon, Tomato
Trinket Shapes 1C: Grass, Iris
Trinket Shapes 1D: Peacock, Sapphire
Trinket Shapes 1E: Lavender, Dahlia
Trinket Shapes 2A: Cherry, Sunflower
Trinket Shapes 2B: Carrot, Citrus
Trinket Shapes 2C: Fern, Dragonfly
Trinket Shapes 2D: Blue Bonnet, Goldenrod
Trinket Shapes 2E: Thistle, Raisin
Trinket Shapes 3A: Tomato, Lichen
Trinket Shapes 3B: Sunflower, Hydrangea
Trinket Shapes 3C: Fern, Citrus
Trinket Shapes 3D: Sapphire, Peacock
Trinket Shapes 3E: Thistle, Peony
Trinket Shapes 4A: Poppy, Carrot
Trinket Shapes 4B: Sunflower, Dahlia
Trinket Shapes 4C: Opal, Citrus
Trinket Shapes 4D: Sapphire, Strawberry
Trinket Shapes 4E: Foxglove, Periwinkle
Trinket Shapes 5A: Poppy, Carrot
Trinket Shapes 5B: Citrus, Sapphire
Trinket Shapes 5C: Aquamarine, Pomegranate
Trinket Shapes 5D: Iris, Persimmon
Trinket Shapes 5E: Cosmos, Dragonfly
Trinket Shapes 6A: Strawberry, Sapphire
Trinket Shapes 6B: Goldenrod, Raisin
Trinket Shapes 6C: Aquamarine, Periwinkle
Trinket Shapes 6D: Blue Jay, Dahlia
Trinket Shapes 6E: Cosmos, Sunflower
Trinket Shapes 7A: Salmon, Beetle
Trinket Shapes 7B: Goldenrod, Fern
Trinket Shapes 7C: Dragonfly, Lichen
Trinket Shapes 7D: Blue Jay, Urchin
Trinket Shapes 7E: Dahlia, Hydrangea
Trinket Shapes 8A: Salmon, Cherry
Trinket Shapes 8B: Lichen, Sunflower
Trinket Shapes 8C: Beetle, Sapphire
Trinket Shapes 8D: Hydrangea, Dahlia
Trinket Shapes 8E: Peony, Raisin
Trinket Shapes 9A: Shrimp, Tomato, Salmon, Persimmon, Carrot, Sunflower, Goldenrod
Trinket Shapes 9B: Pine, Sunflower, Citrus, Goldenrod, Lichen, Fern, Grass
Trinket Shapes 9C: Beetle, Aquamarine, Dragonfly, Blue Bonnet, Blu Jay, Hydrangea, Lavender
Trinket Shapes 9D: Periwinkle, Thistle, Foxglove, Cosmos, Dahlia, Pomegranate, Raisin
Trinket Shapes 9E: Peony, Foxglove, Cosmos, Pomegranate, Urchin, Raisin, Beet
Trinket Shapes 10A: Persimmon, Opal
Trinket Shapes 10B: Pine, Citrus
Trinket Shapes 10C: Peacock, Lavender
Trinket Shapes 10D: Periwinkle, Strawberry
Trinket Shapes 10E: Pomegranate, Sunflower
Trinket Things 1A: Cherry, Goldenrod
Trinket Things 1B: Carrot, Fern
Trinket Things 1C: Grass, Sunflower
Trinket Things 1D: Blue Bonnet, Dragonfly
Trinket Things 1E: Lavender, Peony
Trinket Things 2A: Tomato, Carrot
Trinket Things 2B: Carrot, Beetle
Trinket Things 2C: Fern, Goldenrod
Trinket Things 2D: Blue Bonnet, Hydrangea
Trinket Things 2E: Thistle, Cosmos
Trinket Things 3A: Tomato, Sapphire
Trinket Things 3B: Sunflower, Poppy
Trinket Things 3C: Fern, Lichen
Trinket Things 3D: Sapphire, Urchin
Trinket Things 3E: Foxglove, Aquamarine
Trinket Things 4A: Poppy, Sunflower
Trinket Things 4B: Citrus, Persimmon
Trinket Things 4C: Opal, Strawberry
Trinket Things 4D: Iris, Peacock
Trinket Things 4E: Foxglove, Hydrangea
Trinket Things 5A: Strawberry, Hydrangea, Blue Jay
Trinket Things 5B: Citrus, Aquamarine, Peacock
Trinket Things 5C: Aquamarine, Fern, Pine
Trinket Things 5D: Iris, Beet, Peony
Trinket Things 5E: Cosmos, Citrus, Lichen
Trinket Things 6A: Strawberry, Pomegranate, Cherry
Trinket Things 6B: Goldenrod, Sunflower, Lichen
Trinket Things 6C: Aquamarine, Peacock, Sapphire
Trinket Things 6D: Blue Jay, Opal, Sapphire
Trinket Things 6E: Dahlia, Cosmos, Raisin
Trinket Things 7A: Salmon, Goldenrod, Sunflower
Trinket Things 7B: Lichen, Cherry, Sunflower
Trinket Things 7C: Dragonfly, Salmon, Opal
Trinket Things 7D: Hydrangea, Raisin, Citrus
Trinket Things 7E: Dahlia, Sapphire, Thistle
Trinket Things 8A: Shrimp, Lichen, Citrus
Trinket Things 8B: Lichen, Persimmon, Goldenrod
Trinket Things 8C: Beetle, Fern, Opal
Trinket Things 8D: Hydrangea, Dahlia, Thistle
Trinket Things 8E: Peony, Blue Jay, Periwinkle
Trinket Things 9A: Shrimp, Raisin, Salmon
Trinket Things 9B: Pine, Goldenrod, Citrus
Trinket Things 9C: Beetle, Lichen, Peacock
Trinket Things 9D: Periwinkle, Blue Jay, Dahlia
Trinket Things 9E: Pomegranate, Beetle, Cosmos
Trinket Things 10A: Persimmon, Sunflower, Goldenrod, Shrimp, Citrus
Trinket Things 10B: Grass, Beetle, Peacock, Dragonfly, Fern
Trinket Things 10C: Peacock, Raisin, Cosmos, Dahlia, Blue Jay
Trinket Things 10D: Lavender, Thistle, Blue Bonnet, Periwinkle, Aquamarine
Trinket Things 10E: Pomegranate, Hydrangea, Urchin, Peony, Foxglove
Trinket Life 1A: Cherry, Carrot, Persimmon
Trinket Life 1B: Carrot, Aquamarine, Dragonfly
Trinket Life 1C: Grass, Goldenrod, Aquamarine
Trinket Life 1D: Blue Bonnet, Shrimp, Salmon
Trinket Life 1E: Lavender, Dragonfly, Peacock
Trinket Life 2A: Tomato, Goldenrod
Trinket Life 2B: Carrot, Sunflower
Trinket Life 2C: Fern, Beetle
Trinket Life 2D: Blue Bonnet, Foxglove
Trinket Life 2E: Thistle, Blue Jay
Trinket Life 3A: Tomato, Citrus
Trinket Life 3B: Sunflower, Fern
Trinket Life 3C: Opal, Sunflower
Trinket Life 3D: Sapphire, Lichen
Trinket Life 3E: Foxglove, Pomegranate
Trinket Life 4A: Poppy, Goldenrod, Iris
Trinket Life 4B: Citrus, Dragonfly, Sapphire
Trinket Life 4C: Opal, Sapphire, Pomegranate
Trinket Life 4D: Iris, Blue Bonnet, Fern
Trinket Life 4E: Foxglove, Raisin, Lichen
Trinket Life 5A: Strawberry, Citrus
Trinket Life 5B: Citrus, Beet
Trinket Life 5C: Aquamarine, Hydrangea
Trinket Life 5D: Iris, Pine
Trinket Life 5E: Cosmos, Goldenrod
Trinket Life 6A: Strawberry, Raisin
Trinket Life 6B: Goldenrod, Tomato
Trinket Life 6C: Dragonfly, Peony
Trinket Life 6D: Blue Jay, Urchin
Trinket Life 6E: Dahlia, Lavender
Trinket Life 7A: Salmon, Shrimp
Trinket Life 7B: Lichen, Pine
Trinket Life 7C: Dragonfly, Fern
Trinket Life 7D: Hydrangea, Sapphire
Trinket Life 7E: Dahlia, Blue Jay
Trinket Life 8A: Shrimp, Salmon, Persimmon, Carrot, Goldenrod
Trinket Life 8B: Lichen, Sunflower, Citrus, Grass, Pine
Trinket Life 8C: Beetle, Sunflower, Fern, Dragonfly, Blue Jay
Trinket Life 8D: Hydrangea, Opal, Lavender, Thistle, Foxglove
Trinket Life 8E: Peony, Strawberry, Urchin, Raisin, Cherry
Trinket Life 9A: Shrimp, Dragonfly
Trinket Life 9B: Pine, Aquamarine
Trinket Life 9C: Peacock, Dahlia
Trinket Life 9D: Periwinkle, Salmon
Trinket Life 9E: Pomegranate, Lichen
Trinket Life 10A: Persimmon, Beetle, Aquamarine
Trinket Life 10B: Grass, Lichen, Citrus
Trinket Life 10C: Peacock, Tomato, Salmon
Trinket Life 10D: Lavender, Beet, Cosmos
Trinket Life 10E: Pomegranate, Goldenrod, Citrus

18 Bonus Blocks:

Trinket Lines 4F: Urchin, Raisin, Foxglove, Thistle
Trinket Shapes 4F: Urchin, Iris
Trinket Things 3F: Urchin, Opal, Aquamarine, Beetle
Trinket Life 1F: Urchin, Periwinkle, Blue Jay
Trinket Lines 5F: Urchin, Strawberry
Trinket Shapes 6F: Urchin, Citrus
Trinket Things 6F: Raisin, Foxglove, Dahlia
Trinket Lines 8F: Raisin, Lavender
Trinket Shapes 7F: Raisin, Hydrangea
Trinket Things 9F: Raisin, Iris, Cosmos
Trinket Life 6F: Raisin, Pomegranate
Trinket Life 7F: Raisin, Lichen
Trinket Life 9F: Beet, Strawberry
Trinket Shapes 9F: Beet, Cherry, Tomato, Sunflower, Fern, Dragonfly, Blue Jay
Trinket Things 10F: Beet, Hydrangea, Blue Jay, Thistle, Periwinkle
Trinket Life 8F: Beet, Foxglove, Salmon, Shrimp, Goldenrod
Trinket Shapes 3F: Beet, Poppy
Trinket Bonus Ribbon Block: Beet, Sunflower, Cherry, Tomato, Persimmon, Goldenrod
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