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Have you taken a look at the first Minecraft Quilt Block yet, the Chicken? I will also be posting a tutorial soon on my method of using fusible grid to create the quilt blocks, be sure to look out for that if you have any questions about using fusible grid.

Now I can share the Minecraft Cow block with you. At the last minute this block when through a design change; my son saw me working on the patterns to try and finish and post them, and he came running over “We have to change the Cow I will help you!!!”. So we reworked the design, added in some Kona Steel, and I quickly created a new block:

Minecraft Quilt Block Cow

Kona fabrics for the Cow Block:

I hope you enjoy creating the Minecraft Cow – I’ll be back soon with the Creeper!

I would love for you to share your progress with me on Instagram. You can find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL.

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