Minecraft Quilt Block 8: Pig

We have reached the halfway point – today is block 8; 8 blocks to go plus the Title Block and then Finishing. How is it going on your end? Today I want to introduce you to the Pig – sweet and simple, only three colors, and mostly a single color like Enderman was.

Minecraft Quilt Block Pig

To make the Pig block you will need the following Kona solids:

As always, be sure to check for any leftover squares from previous blocks, and save any extra squares for future blocks.

Please share your progress on Instagram – find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL. I would love to see your blocks!

Minecraft Quilt Block 7: Mooshroom

How are the blocks coming along? Any questions, or photos to share before we get to the next block, Mooshroom?

Today is Mooshroom Day! I love the bright red in this block, alongside the Black, White and Grey.

Minecraft Quilt Block Mooshroom

To make the Mooshroom block you will need the following Kona solids:

Remember to save any extra squares you cut for future blocks, or see if you have any leftovers from previous blocks. Don’t toss any until you are done with the blocks!

Please share your progress with me using the Instagram hashtag #MinecraftQAL and find me @myrainydaydesigns. Back soon with the Pig!

Minecraft Quilt Block 6: Ghast

It’s time to go minimalistic with Black, White and Grey. The Ghost is the first of two in this color scheme and should be quick and easy to put together!

Minecraft Quilt Block Ghast

For the Ghast block you will need the following Kona solids:

Since you have used these three colors in previous blocks, see how many squares you have left over and use them for this block. And share your progress with me using the Instagram hashtag #MinecraftQAL and find me @myrainydaydesigns.

Minecraft Quilt Block 5: Enderman

We finally get to my favorite block – Enderman!

Minecraft Quilt Block Enderman

I haven’t played the game and I don’t know just how villainous Enderman is, but who doesn’t love a good villain? Maleficent is my personal favorite villain, and one of my son’s soccer teams was the Ender Dragons – but back to Minecraft! Enderman was my favorite to make not only because he is mostly black squares (all but 6) but I just love that pop of Cerise and Mulberry. I liked it so much that I made an apron to wear to the Birthday Party:

I didn’t get a shot of me in it, but I threw it together that morning, literally at the last minute. All the math calculations I had previously done went out the window. If I did it again I wouldn’t have made it as wide, but it was really nice to be able to have my phone and other little party gadgets I needed right there for me.

To make the Enderman Block you will need the following Kona solids:

Super easy. Super epic.

Minecraft Quilt Block 4: Dirt Block

I hope the first three quilt blocks have gone well for you. Today I have block number 4 – the Minecraft Dirt Block to share with you. After you complete this block (and the other three) you will have a whole row of the quilt completed – just 3 more rows and the Title Block to go!

Remember to keep any extra squares left over from previous blocks to use on later blocks. Most of the blocks have the same colors used more than one, and some many times. The exceptions are minimal, such as Chicken and Enderman.

To create the Dirt Block you will need the following Kona solids:
Sour Apple

And please share your progress with me on Instagram! You can find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL.

Minecraft Quilt Block 3: Creeper

Have you started the Chicken or Cow yet? I’m here to share one of the most popular characters now – the Creeper! This block was really fun to select colors for, and I think he turned out really well – I love how well the black squares lined up!

Minecraft Quilt Block Creeper

Kona solids for the Creeper:
Sour Apple

I would love for you to share your progress with me on Instagram. You can find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL.

Minecraft Quilt Block 2: Cow

Have you taken a look at the first Minecraft Quilt Block yet, the Chicken? I will also be posting a tutorial soon on my method of using fusible grid to create the quilt blocks, be sure to look out for that if you have any questions about using fusible grid.

Now I can share the Minecraft Cow block with you. At the last minute this block when through a design change; my son saw me working on the patterns to try and finish and post them, and he came running over “We have to change the Cow I will help you!!!”. So we reworked the design, added in some Kona Steel, and I quickly created a new block:

Minecraft Quilt Block Cow

Kona fabrics for the Cow Block:

I hope you enjoy creating the Minecraft Cow – I’ll be back soon with the Creeper!

I would love for you to share your progress with me on Instagram. You can find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL.

Minecraft Quilt Block 1: Chicken

Welcome to my Minecraft Quilt Along! Today I will be sharing the first blocks with you – the Chicken. It was the first block I made for both the Mug Rugs and the Quilt Blocks, I was working in alphabetical order, of course! It’s also a pretty fun block to put together – mostly Kona White with just a pop of color.

Minecraft Quilt Block Chicken

The pattern references QuiltFuse fusible grid – it is optional, but as you can see in the photo above, the seams do line up nicely. It is not without its own challenges; I can’t say that it’s any easier than just piecing the squares together, but I think it does have a nicer outcome. I will be redoing a block in the next couple days which will give me a chance to create a quick tutorial on my method of creating these blocks using fusible grid.

You can also piece together the block using standard methods – just sew the squares together! I would advise to use Best Press to stiffen the fabric before you cut into squares and sew them together – this is recommended for either the fusible grid method or standard piecing.

Kona fabrics for the Chicken Block:

Share your progress with me on Instagram. You can find me @myrainydaydesigns and use the hashtag #MinecraftQAL.

A Crafty Quilt

Do you have a sweet little (or big) someone in your life that has found the addiction that is Minecraft? My sweet little boy found the game and we threw him a Minecraft Birthday Party for his 7th birthday. At the party I sent all the boys home with an individual Minecraft Mug Rug as party favors. Each one was different, and they got to pick their character, out of 15 characters, I created one of each.

The Minecraft Mug Rug patterns were just the beginning, and a practice run for the actual bigger gift: a Minecraft Quilt. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it in time for the party – I was overwhelmed with sewing mug rugs and aprons and setting up party games, etc. But that gave me time to take a break from Minecraft for a little while, and take the time to pay attention to all the tiny little pieces, and be able to create the blocks a little better.

The finished size is roughly 60″ x 71″ and should fit nicely on his Full size bed, or be really fun to drag downstairs to the sofa while he plays Minecraft.

Minecraft Quilt

These are the fabrics you will need for the blocks, listed in yardage, and should give you some room for extra pieces – scraps could also work. Each block pattern will also list its fabric requirements if you would rather go block by block.

Kona Black: 1 yard + 2 yards for Borders, Sashing and Binding
Kona White: 1-1/4 yards
Kona Blush Pink: Scrap 4″ x 8″
Kona Bone: 1/8 yard
Kona Cardinal: 1/4 yard
Kona Carnation: 1/4 yard
Kona Cerise: Scrap Piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square
Kona Champagne: 1/8 yard
Kona Coffee: 1/4 yard
Kona Earth: 1/8 yard
Kona Grellow: Scrap piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square
Kona Jungle: 1/4 yard
Kona Kiwi: 1/8 yard
Kona Laurel: 1/8 yard
Kona Leaf: 1/8 yard
Kona Malibu: 1/8 yard
Kona Mint: 1/8 yard
Kona Mulberry: Scrap piece 2″ x 4″
Kona Raffia: 1/8 yard
Kona Shadow: 1/3 yard
Kona Sour Apple: 1/8 yard
Kona Steel: Scrap piece 4″ x 10″
Kona Yarrow: Scrap piece 2″ x 8″ or 4″ square

Optional: 2″ Fusible grid: about 4 yards

I used this Fusible grid: Quilt Fuse 2″ Fusible Grid Style 3240-1 Width 48″.

All squares will be cut at 2″ or 1-1/4″. I used the 2″ fusible grid for everything, regardless of the cut size – I just ignored the lines.

Individual Blocks will be posted soon.

Make It A Minecraft Birthday

My little man is now 7 years old. His birthday was last week, but we had his birthday party yesterday at the party. Having a birthday in Seattle in March is a tricky thing – you never know what it will do. The weekend was supposed to be sunny when I first picked this location, especially on Sunday, but when I checked the weather report 3 days before the party, it said 70% chance of rain on Sunday – not good for an outdoor party in the park. But it was too late to change, and I was still in the finalizing process of the party, which included a lot of sewing. A lot.

Months ago when we started planning for his party, Minecraft came up, along with several other ideas. As his birthday got closer, he kept changing his mind on what to do, where to go, theme, etc. Finally about 3 weeks before the party date, on my own birthday, I sat down and planned it out. When he came home from school that day I told him “You are having a Minecraft birthday party” – he was okay with that, but was still talking about location – swimming pool, jumping place, etc. I said no, here’s what I have planned, and we’re going to a local park. Once he heard all of my ideas, he was really excited; from there it was full focus for me – and I entered crazy sewing mode.

That Friday I found another “crazy sewing lady” mom friend at school and showed her my mockup idea for party favors – I asked her how crazy I was. The response: “Very crazy. But a good crazy.” That helped, and told me I was on the right track – I still had about 2 1/2 weeks to go.

Cut to Saturday night and I was up late sewing, trying to finish the party favors. I had all the games planned out and items gathered up; then I woke up early Sunday morning (around 5am) to finish sewing the party favors, and to quickly make one last item on my list, to help identify me as mom for the parents I didn’t know, and a helpful tool for me during the party – a café apron (more on that later).

First off, the Birthday Boy requested a custom Steve head shirt. My husband picked up a plain green t-shirt that I could customize. I cut out several tiny squares and used 2-sided fusible to attach the squares. I didn’t have time to sew them on, but they stayed on for the party. Unfortunately they became stained with grass and cake so I needed to wash it. Because I didn’t sew it on first, I had an issue, but I can fix it, and there is another customization request in the works too. The second time I make this shirt it will take longer, but look so much cooler! There were a lot of comments about the shirt, and the boys seemed to love it, especially my Birthday Boy!

Minecraft Birthday Party Birthday Boy

Next I was able to get a couple quick shots of the food table before the boys attacked it. We had all pretzel sticks, carrots, fruit, Creeper juice, and TNT, and even a pile of dirt – a dirt cake topped with mini Minecraft characters. We actually had to remove the Minecraft characters from the cake as the boys kept touching them, pushing them farther into the cake, and almost knocking over the cake, while discussing which one they were going to take.

Minecraft Birthday Party Food
Minecraft Birthday Party Food
Minecraft Birthday Party Cake

I had 4 games planned: Creeper Ball, Kill the Creeper, a Water Relay race, and Digging for Diamonds. The first game we played (before the rain) was Creeper Ball. I stood back off the field, while my husband was with all the boys and the cones he set up. Don’t ask me the rules – he made them up as they played, but all the boys had fun – there was a lot of laughing, dodging and throwing, and no one got hurt!

Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games

And then it started raining… I had reserved a covered picnic table area, and we put it to good use! Kill the Creeper was next. I did my own version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Minecraft Style. I keep hearing that you don’t kill the creeper, you just run away from him, but that doesn’t turn into a productive game for a party. So I changed it. I took a piece of black foam core, and cut out squares in 4 different greens and black, and glued them on the board to make my creeper. Then, I had some fancy bar toothpicks that I thought would work as swords. I printed out everyone’s name, and several swords – each boy was given a sword with his name on it so we knew where he tried to “Kill the Creeper”. Sword on one side, name on the other. I even tried to incorporate the Creeper image into each boy’s name, so not all names are spelled correctly. They didn’t seem to mind.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

The Birthday Boy was given the first shot. The Birthday Boy had also decided where to place the small red square where it would “kill” him – and amazingly enough he stabbed the creeper in the red square, dead center, first try. We had a large creeper head that we borrowed from a party guest, and I knew he couldn’t see through it. I was told that the Birthday Boy touched the Creeper board with his fingers, felt the red square, and knew exactly where to place the sword. No prizes for cheating… So the red square was removed and replaced with a Sharpie X. The lucky winner got first pick at the goody bags and mini Minecraft character to take home – I believe Enderman and Wither were his selections.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

Next we did the water relay race, and since it was raining, it helped them! We had them divide up into 3 teams – Aqua, Red and Blue. Each team was given a large spoon, and they shared a giant bowl of water. As fast as they could, run to the large bowl, fill your spoon, and then get to your team cup as quick as possible and fill the water cup. This game took awhile – there were several instances where the boys would get the spoon to the cup, and not even a drop would go in. Fill the cups we did not – we gave them a 2-minute warning, and when the time was up, blue team won!

Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games

I also had a Digging for Diamonds activity – Riley and I went to the store and picked out some “diamond” beads, filled a pot with dirt, and gave them gloves and gardening tools. Did they use the gloves? No. Or the tools? No. Was it messy? Yes – especially when it started to rain. Fun to clean up? Not at all. But they all loved it, and all went home with some diamonds for mom.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

And finally – the pièce de résistance… the party favors. Minecraft Mug Rugs. Yes, I am pretty impressed with my party favors. I created the designs turned them into Photoshop templates, picked out fabric colors, cut a billion tiny little squares (yes a billion) and then sewed all the tiny little squares back together. Then added batting and backs and quilted them and finished the binding.

I have been playing with the idea for awhile, and finally had a chance to do something with it. I created 15 different Minecraft mug rugs. Cutting out the squares took forever, but I finally got in a rhythm to sew the mug rug top together, that made it a little faster. Not one was perfect, I was in a hurry, but I don’t think the 7-year old boys cared. They were so cute fighting over them.

The Mug Rug characters pictured below are: Enderman, Chicken, Wolf, Creeper, Ghast, Skeleton, Cow, Slime, Dirt Block, Steve, Pig Zombie, Pig, Sheep, Mooshroom, Zombie. And now I’m finding all these new characters and I want to make more! But I do need a Minecraft break, it’s been 3 weeks of nonstop Minecraft sewing. The Mug Rugs were very popular, and although the boys may not fully appreciate them (what they are for or how long it took) my husband says the parents were impressed and can appreciate them. I didn’t have time to Scotchguard them though…

It was difficult to get pictures of the mug rugs as I was at the party and I had to throw them on the table quick for a photo op. I didn’t have time to get nice photos at home before we left. I will be recreating all of these, and maybe more, and will get some better photos. For now, though, you get the idea.

Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs

And finally, something created for me. A café apron to wear at the party – it was very nice to have to hold my phone, camera lens cap, marker, swords, etc. – all the essential party supplies so that I was always ready.

Minecraft Enderman Craft Apron

It seemed to be a successful party – the parents seemed really pleased with the activities for the boys – they kept moving (especially in the rain) – and the mostly healthy snacks and fun party favors. I had fun at the party – everything went as planned, and I didn’t forget anything! A success.