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Tula Pink City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

I completed the City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book and I used Tula Pink’s The Birds & The Beeds fabric with Kona solids.

City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Quilt Top

Here is a detailed view of each block, with the Kona colors used for each block (there are a couple blocks that are all The Birds & The Bees and no Kona Solids).

City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Stack
Block 01: Everglade
Block 02: Cappuccino, Artichoke, Cayenne
Block 03: Papaya, Azalea, Wine
Block 04: Violet, Pepper
Block 05: Ivy
Block 06: Caramel
Block 07: Curry, Yarrow
Block 08: Lavender, Lilac
Block 09
Block 10: Jade Green
Block 11: Flame
Block 12: Zucchini
Block 13: Windsor, Hibiscus
Block 14: Avocado, Cactus
Block 15: Ivy
Block 16: Breakers, Caribbean
Block 17: Crimson, Sangria
Block 18: Morning Glory, Wisteria
Block 19: Crimson
Block 20: Peapod
Block 21: Lilac
Block 22
Block 23: Wine
Block 24: Amethyst, Midnight
Block 25: Bonsai, Wasabi
Block 26: Pepper, Petunia
Block 27: Midnight
Block 28: Coffee, Yarrow
Block 29: Amethyst
Block 30: Avocado
Block 31: Bonsai, Limelight
Block 32: Espresso, Flame
Block 33: Grapemist
Block 34: Lupine
Block 35: Teal Blue
Block 36: Navy
Block 37: Brick
Block 38: Hunter Green
Block 39: Torch, Flame
Block 40: Sangria, Bordeaux, Burgundy
Block 41: Espresso
Block 42: Caribbean, Indigo
Block 43: Avocado
Block 44: Avocado
Block 45: Pickle, Peapod
Block 46: Teal Blue
Block 47: Ivy
Block 48: Peacock, Ivy, Limelight
Block 49: Peridot
Block 50: Lilac
Block 51: Cedar
Block 52: Crimson
Block 53: Dusty Blue
Block 54: Pickle, Seafoam
Block 55: Sage
Block 56: Persimmon
Block 57: Robin Egg, Sprout
Block 58: Baby Blue, Glacier, Celestial
Block 59: Midnight
Block 60: O.D. Green
Block 61: Curry, Gold
Block 62: Brick, Honey
Block 63: Baby Blue, Peacock, Ultra Marine
Block 64: Peridot, Moss
Block 65: Sangria
Block 66: Navy
Block 67: Ivy, Artichoke
Block 68: Wisteria, Heliotrope
Block 69: Peridot, Bonsai
Block 70: School Bus, Punch
Block 71: Bordeaux
Block 72: Titanium
Block 73: Windsor
Block 74: Iron
Block 75: Crimson, Burgundy
Block 76: Zucchini
Block 77: Midnight, Lavender
Block 78: Coal
Block 79: Teal Blue, Charcoal, Sky
Block 80: Earth
Block 81: Indigo
Block 82: Graphite
Block 83: Everglade
Block 84: Wasabi
Block 85: Amethyst, Grapemist
Block 86: Wasabi, Lime
Block 87: Kumquat
Block 88: Midnight
Block 89: Cocoa, Cedar
Block 90: Cayenne, Coral, Nectarine
Block 91: Sangria, Bordeaux
Block 92: Bonsai, Cactus
Block 93: Everglade
Block 94: Garnet, Punch
Block 95: Midnight, Violet
Block 96: Spruce, Limelight
Block 97: Juniper, Sage
Block 98: Amethyst
Block 99: Lupine
Block 100: Bordeaux, Burgundy


  1. Elizabeth

    Were you able to buy a fabric bundle for this, or did you buy cuts of the ones you needed? I’d love to make this quilt!

    • Tricia

      Hi Elizabeth, I bought this fabric when it was first released so I picked my colors and cut as needed. This line may be difficult to find, but Tula Pink has several other lines with the same colors, or repeat designs in different color ways.


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