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I just finished something I have been working on for a while now – my Floriani to Madeira thread conversion chart. I have several designs that call for Floriani thread, which I don’t have. I use Madeira Classic Rayon #40 and a few of their other lines. I have all 7 boxes of the Classic Rayon #40, plus one box of the PolyNeon #40 – meaning I used as great a range as possible with Madeira for the best conversions.

When working on designs with up to 40 different thread colors, such as a State design, it took a long time to try and convert the called for Floriani thread color, match it up to the Floriani Color Card that I have, and convert that to Madeira – each time. One reason why I have only finished 5 states so far!

So I decided to start from scratch, go column by column for the Floriani Thread Chart, and convert it to Madeira the best I could. This is not a decisive list, more of a suggested starting point. You will notice that some of the Madeira thread colors are duplicated because I couldn’t get a different Madeira thread color for each different Floriani thread color. And as I have with the States, this is a starting point and the final Madeira colors used will likely change when you pull all the colors and see how they work together.

Not all are a perfect match, but I matched as close as I could. I kept searching for a good Floriani to Madeira thread color chart but couldn’t find one! My Floriani Thread Chart isn’t labeled with a version or a date, but has 24 columns of solid colors. I did not attempt to convert the variegated or metallic colors – just the solid color columns.

I hope this is useful to someone – as I kept searching for this and couldn’t find a helpful tool, I thought I would share my conversion chart as it could be helpful to someone else.

The file has been moved to my Facebook group. Messages for how to download the file without a thank you after I give a link make me wonder why I share. Requests for the password so they can change my work make me think they want to profit off my work. And at the time this was created (2019) all colors in the list were either on the card (Floriani) or in my hand (Madeira). I can’t control what either company changes – was just doing a color match.