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We finally get to my favorite block – Enderman!

Minecraft Quilt Block Enderman

I haven’t played the game and I don’t know just how villainous Enderman is, but who doesn’t love a good villain? Maleficent is my personal favorite villain, and one of my son’s soccer teams was the Ender Dragons – but back to Minecraft! Enderman was my favorite to make not only because he is mostly black squares (all but 6) but I just love that pop of Cerise and Mulberry. I liked it so much that I made an apron to wear to the Birthday Party:

I didn’t get a shot of me in it, but I threw it together that morning, literally at the last minute. All the math calculations I had previously done went out the window. If I did it again I wouldn’t have made it as wide, but it was really nice to be able to have my phone and other little party gadgets I needed right there for me.

To make the Enderman Block you will need the following Kona solids:

Super easy. Super epic.