New Items 07.01

Happy July and Happy Monday! It’s Monday, which is always scary, but it’s a new day, a new week, a new month, and the Second Half of the New Year Day! Yeah that’s a real thing. It’s also less than 6 month to Christmas! Are you getting ready for that yet?!

Anyways… this past week was really busy. Last weekend I was not able to finish any new items because I was making so many patches and shipping them out all over the place. Thank you if you had a recent patch order! But it also meant that I had items just sitting there waiting to be finished, so this week I made sure that I was able to finish a few of them.

I went back and revisited the Celebration Gnomies and finished the group of them in their proper coloring. I also made the Surf ‘n Swim Gnomies and the Strike A Pose Gnomies, that might be my favorite Gnomie set right now.

I also finished a Watercolor Lobster, a Gemstone Wolf and some Patriotic Blooms. It may sound like a random assortment but I love them all! They have all been added to the shop and are ready to ship immediately except for the Patriotic Blooms – this one has already been sold but I can make more!

As always let me know if there is something you are looking for – otherwise I am working through my very long list of ideas and will be back soon with more to share. I hope you all have a good Holiday and weekend this week!

Celebration Gnomies
Celebration Gnomies
Surf 'n Swim Gnomies
Surf ‘n Swim Gnomies
Strike A Pose Gnomies
Strike A Pose Gnomies
Watercolor Lobster
Watercolor Lobster
Precious Gems Wolf
Precious Gems Wolf
Patriotic Blooms
Patriotic Blooms

A Harry Potter Surprise

Have you heard about the new Harry Potter game that was released on Friday? It’s called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. My family downloaded it and we all created character names, but I’m not as far into as they are – I never played the Pokemon game so I’m still trying to figure it all out!

But with the release of this new app, it reminded me that I never shared my Harry Potter Surprise on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this a few months ago, but here I can give a little more detail and some more photos.

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter books, then you know what happens when you turn 11. My son turned 11 in March and it was around the time of the school’s Spring Break, so we took advantage of that and did a whole themed Spring Break vacation, complete with the reveal!

I created the pieces well in advance just in case I ran out of time. Plus I needed to have everything staged – we were headed to Seattle for a couple days before we came back home, to surprise him and then leave again! So these photos are of what was waiting for him when he walked through the door. I recorded video on my phone and my husband took photos – the reveal was so fun. He was so surprised and shocked and excited!

Please look past the snow on these first few photos – it was snowing that day but the light was good and it was my only chance to get some outdoor photos before the reveal!

I found a zip up sweatshirt on Amazon that was black on the outside and yellow on the inside – perfect for my little Hufflepuff! I added the Hogwarts Crest to the left side of the jacket, and I added Bowtruckle to the right, his favorite character from the new Fantastic Beasts movie series. On the back I have the quote “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good”.

Hufflepuff Jacket Front
Hufflepuff Jacket Bowtruckle
Hufflepuff Jacket Hogwarts Crest

I moved my mannequin out to the dining room table – where he would see it as soon as he walked in. We set out the Hufflepuff t-shirt we found, the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, and the Owl delivery – I wish I could have gotten an actual owl to deliver but, you know…

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
Hufflepuff Jacket Back
Hufflepuff Jacket Front Mannequin

This was one of the many faces he made when he realized what he had received, and what was about to happen. One of my favorite faces that day!

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Face

And a photo of him standing with the Knight Bus – the first stop before entering the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – and the only time he wore the jacket! To be fair, it was hot, and he got his own House Robe shortly after that so he wore that, when it wasn’t too hot!

Knight Bus

In addition to Hedwig, I also created Bowtruckle and Niffler and have added them to my shop in case you were in need of one for your wall, or your own Harry Potter Surprise! The jacket was my favorite though – got some oohs and aahs with that one, the short time that he wore it!

Harry Potter Bowtruckle
Harry Potter Hedwig
Harry Potter Niffler

I would like to go back and create the Hogwarts Crest on a mini hoop as well as the 4 House Crests – and wrap them in their House color. I think that would be fun. I think the Hogwarts Crest would need to be wrapped in black to match the robes – that would be fun to hang on the wall with our other souvenirs.

Trinket Quilt Layout

I am so close to having all the blocks made for the Trinket Quilt. I decided to do the 76″ x 92″ layout which is 19 squares x 23 squares for a total of 437 blocks – 218 of which are paper pieced! It was a lot to take on, especially since I wasn’t expecting to be sick for a few weeks and not have the ability or energy to sew, plus the last 2 weeks my main sewing machine has been in the shop for repair, so I’m using my old little machine. It’s been rough.

Anyways, as of this moment I am 40 blocks away from finishing the blocks. I know what you are thinking – so many people ONLY made 40 blocks total. I know – this is why I am kicking myself in this moment, but I think in the end I will be happy with my decision to create so many more. Plus we like the extra long quilts for the sofa – it really helps when you have to share.

When I decided to create this quilt a few months ago, I came up with a layout idea based on the 19 x 23 block layout, and using 36 of the 40 colors for the paper pieced squares. I will be using Raven for the background checkerboard squares, and apparently Charcoal for the backing – I accidentally ordered Charcoal instead of Raven so… there you go. Probably Raven for the binding too, as I want the focus on the squares.

I will share the specific block layout later (each color square labeled) but for now just the color overview. With my 36 selected colors, I would create six blocks of each as a Base Color (i.e. base color Cherry, base color Fern, etc.), with the last 2 colors having 7 each to make the total of 218. I am also making five of each of the 40 blocks, plus an extra 17 of my choosing, and the bonus ribbon block. Here is my color grid:

It won’t look exactly like this of course because each colorful square will have some sort of design, but I am hoping this idea transfers through. And I should mention that I took the Kaleidoscope colors, selected the closest Kona cotton colors, and used those Kona colors that I have saved in the computer to come up with this layout – these colors will NOT be exact to the final Kaleidoscope colors.

Be sure to check out the Trinket Sew Along page for each individual block and their colors if you are interested. I will have more detailed information posted soon. And I hope to have my blocks finished this week so I can start cutting the background squares and putting this whole thing together!

What’s Old Is New Again!

Hello! Happy Saturday… May the Fourth Be With You! I can’t resist – the Force is strong with my family! And I hope you have some plans for tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo day.

I just wanted to let you know that I think the transition to the new site is complete – I have re-posted all of the blog posts that I think are still valid and relevant. I have pages for the Minecraft Quilt, the Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks City Sampler, the Trinket Quilt, the Delightful Desert Quilt, and other pages of projects and quilts that I have created in the past, but didn’t seem to earn their own blog post – see the right sidebar for more page links.

I do have more blog posts planned soon, I just don’t have them ready to go quite yet. At this point I am frantically trying to finish up all of my 218 Trinket paper pieced squares to finish the quilt top in time for the Trinket Sew Along deadline. Wish me luck with that.

Check out the Trinket page for the blocks I have finished and photographed so far – I will eventually have them all up and labeled, as well as my layout plan and how I put it all together.

Also – I will be sharing my Wizarding World of Harry Potter surprise for my son’s 11th birthday. Again I just need to get everything together for that.

So just a quick hello, checking in. Thank you for stopping by and subscribing. I will be more active with blog posts soon – it was a big process to try and recreate all of the blog posts moving over to the new hosted site, plus we were out of town for spring break, then I was very sick for a few weeks, and now I am playing catch up. Thank you for your patience, and I will be back soon!

No Drama Llama Zip Hoodie

I found this llama design at Urban Threads and showed it to my llama-loving son and he HAD to have it. He requested it on a pillow, on his wall, and most importantly on the back of a zip hoodie jacket he can wear to school and everywhere else. So far I have only made it on the one zip hoodie, but it turned out so great!

He loves this design so much, he put in a request to Urban Threads for a companion piece, so we are hoping they will create and release that soon. We are also impatiently waiting on Red Panda designs – hint, hint guys! For now we’ll settle for his second favorite animal.

What do you think?!

Make It A Minecraft Birthday

My little man is now 7 years old. His birthday was last week, but we had his birthday party yesterday at the party. Having a birthday in Seattle in March is a tricky thing – you never know what it will do. The weekend was supposed to be sunny when I first picked this location, especially on Sunday, but when I checked the weather report 3 days before the party, it said 70% chance of rain on Sunday – not good for an outdoor party in the park. But it was too late to change, and I was still in the finalizing process of the party, which included a lot of sewing. A lot.

Months ago when we started planning for his party, Minecraft came up, along with several other ideas. As his birthday got closer, he kept changing his mind on what to do, where to go, theme, etc. Finally about 3 weeks before the party date, on my own birthday, I sat down and planned it out. When he came home from school that day I told him “You are having a Minecraft birthday party” – he was okay with that, but was still talking about location – swimming pool, jumping place, etc. I said no, here’s what I have planned, and we’re going to a local park. Once he heard all of my ideas, he was really excited; from there it was full focus for me – and I entered crazy sewing mode.

That Friday I found another “crazy sewing lady” mom friend at school and showed her my mockup idea for party favors – I asked her how crazy I was. The response: “Very crazy. But a good crazy.” That helped, and told me I was on the right track – I still had about 2 1/2 weeks to go.

Cut to Saturday night and I was up late sewing, trying to finish the party favors. I had all the games planned out and items gathered up; then I woke up early Sunday morning (around 5am) to finish sewing the party favors, and to quickly make one last item on my list, to help identify me as mom for the parents I didn’t know, and a helpful tool for me during the party – a café apron (more on that later).

First off, the Birthday Boy requested a custom Steve head shirt. My husband picked up a plain green t-shirt that I could customize. I cut out several tiny squares and used 2-sided fusible to attach the squares. I didn’t have time to sew them on, but they stayed on for the party. Unfortunately they became stained with grass and cake so I needed to wash it. Because I didn’t sew it on first, I had an issue, but I can fix it, and there is another customization request in the works too. The second time I make this shirt it will take longer, but look so much cooler! There were a lot of comments about the shirt, and the boys seemed to love it, especially my Birthday Boy!

Minecraft Birthday Party Birthday Boy

Next I was able to get a couple quick shots of the food table before the boys attacked it. We had all pretzel sticks, carrots, fruit, Creeper juice, and TNT, and even a pile of dirt – a dirt cake topped with mini Minecraft characters. We actually had to remove the Minecraft characters from the cake as the boys kept touching them, pushing them farther into the cake, and almost knocking over the cake, while discussing which one they were going to take.

Minecraft Birthday Party Food
Minecraft Birthday Party Food
Minecraft Birthday Party Cake

I had 4 games planned: Creeper Ball, Kill the Creeper, a Water Relay race, and Digging for Diamonds. The first game we played (before the rain) was Creeper Ball. I stood back off the field, while my husband was with all the boys and the cones he set up. Don’t ask me the rules – he made them up as they played, but all the boys had fun – there was a lot of laughing, dodging and throwing, and no one got hurt!

Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games

And then it started raining… I had reserved a covered picnic table area, and we put it to good use! Kill the Creeper was next. I did my own version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Minecraft Style. I keep hearing that you don’t kill the creeper, you just run away from him, but that doesn’t turn into a productive game for a party. So I changed it. I took a piece of black foam core, and cut out squares in 4 different greens and black, and glued them on the board to make my creeper. Then, I had some fancy bar toothpicks that I thought would work as swords. I printed out everyone’s name, and several swords – each boy was given a sword with his name on it so we knew where he tried to “Kill the Creeper”. Sword on one side, name on the other. I even tried to incorporate the Creeper image into each boy’s name, so not all names are spelled correctly. They didn’t seem to mind.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

The Birthday Boy was given the first shot. The Birthday Boy had also decided where to place the small red square where it would “kill” him – and amazingly enough he stabbed the creeper in the red square, dead center, first try. We had a large creeper head that we borrowed from a party guest, and I knew he couldn’t see through it. I was told that the Birthday Boy touched the Creeper board with his fingers, felt the red square, and knew exactly where to place the sword. No prizes for cheating… So the red square was removed and replaced with a Sharpie X. The lucky winner got first pick at the goody bags and mini Minecraft character to take home – I believe Enderman and Wither were his selections.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

Next we did the water relay race, and since it was raining, it helped them! We had them divide up into 3 teams – Aqua, Red and Blue. Each team was given a large spoon, and they shared a giant bowl of water. As fast as they could, run to the large bowl, fill your spoon, and then get to your team cup as quick as possible and fill the water cup. This game took awhile – there were several instances where the boys would get the spoon to the cup, and not even a drop would go in. Fill the cups we did not – we gave them a 2-minute warning, and when the time was up, blue team won!

Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games
Minecraft Birthday Party Games

I also had a Digging for Diamonds activity – Riley and I went to the store and picked out some “diamond” beads, filled a pot with dirt, and gave them gloves and gardening tools. Did they use the gloves? No. Or the tools? No. Was it messy? Yes – especially when it started to rain. Fun to clean up? Not at all. But they all loved it, and all went home with some diamonds for mom.

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

And finally – the pièce de résistance… the party favors. Minecraft Mug Rugs. Yes, I am pretty impressed with my party favors. I created the designs turned them into Photoshop templates, picked out fabric colors, cut a billion tiny little squares (yes a billion) and then sewed all the tiny little squares back together. Then added batting and backs and quilted them and finished the binding.

I have been playing with the idea for awhile, and finally had a chance to do something with it. I created 15 different Minecraft mug rugs. Cutting out the squares took forever, but I finally got in a rhythm to sew the mug rug top together, that made it a little faster. Not one was perfect, I was in a hurry, but I don’t think the 7-year old boys cared. They were so cute fighting over them.

The Mug Rug characters pictured below are: Enderman, Chicken, Wolf, Creeper, Ghast, Skeleton, Cow, Slime, Dirt Block, Steve, Pig Zombie, Pig, Sheep, Mooshroom, Zombie. And now I’m finding all these new characters and I want to make more! But I do need a Minecraft break, it’s been 3 weeks of nonstop Minecraft sewing. The Mug Rugs were very popular, and although the boys may not fully appreciate them (what they are for or how long it took) my husband says the parents were impressed and can appreciate them. I didn’t have time to Scotchguard them though…

It was difficult to get pictures of the mug rugs as I was at the party and I had to throw them on the table quick for a photo op. I didn’t have time to get nice photos at home before we left. I will be recreating all of these, and maybe more, and will get some better photos. For now, though, you get the idea.

Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs
Minecraft Mug Rugs

And finally, something created for me. A café apron to wear at the party – it was very nice to have to hold my phone, camera lens cap, marker, swords, etc. – all the essential party supplies so that I was always ready.

Minecraft Enderman Craft Apron

It seemed to be a successful party – the parents seemed really pleased with the activities for the boys – they kept moving (especially in the rain) – and the mostly healthy snacks and fun party favors. I had fun at the party – everything went as planned, and I didn’t forget anything! A success.