New Key Fobs

I recently found the magical world of fabric vinyl and snaps. And will be branching out to eyelets and rivets soon. I made some Superhero key rings and dropped them off at a local shop this weekend and he was so excited and wants more – he even sold a few that night! That shop will be getting the Superhero and Star Wars themed items, but there are soooo many more that I want to make! As time permits I will be adding about a billion to Etsy. Right now they come with snaps around the keyring so that if you want to remove the keyring and attach it to your bag or something else, you will easily be able to do so. In the future I will have the option of adding rivets for a permanent key ring, but I don’t have that tool just yet. But aren’t these super fun?! Find these in the Key Fobs / Bag Tags section – and many more will be added soon, so check back!

The Allergy Key Fobs include allergies to: Dairy, Egg, Fish, Peanut, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nut, and Wheat.

Superheroes currently listed: Aquaman, Baby Groot, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Flash, Green Lantern, Hulk (glows in the dark), Punisher and Venom.

And remember to Wash Your Hands! 🙂

Allergy Key Fobs
Wash Your Hands Key Fob
Aquaman Key Fob
Baby Groot Key Fob
Black Widow Key Fob
Doctor Strange Key Fob
Flash Key Fob
Green Lantern Key Fob
Hulk Key Fob
Punisher Key Fob
Venom Key Fob

Kona Color of the Day: March 1 – March 5

Hello March! When I think March, I think greens. But this Kona palette has me into the rich reds and bold, deep oranges. I would have put this palette into September or November, but no, here we are in March. I’m rolling through the colors – I keep getting stuck on something and then I wait and think and go “okay this one!” and then it works. It’s definitely a challenge!

This set I have 2 of the same Kona Color for you – the designs were similar and I couldn’t pick just one. So I made them both. Find these and more on Etsy!

Kona Burgundy
March 1: Burgundy
Kona Wine
March 2: Wine
Kona Deep Rose
March 3: Deep Rose
Kona Rose
March 4: Rose
Kona Rose
March 4: Rose
Kona Foxglove
March 5: Foxglove

Kona Color of the Day February 26 – February 29

The last few days of February had the last few shades of pink before we get into the rich reds and warm red-oranges. I’m trying to branch out to make sure it all works together. Sometimes it’s tricky. But I think these turned out well! Find these and more on Etsy!

Kona Primrose
February 26: Primrose
Kona Dusty Peach
February 27: Dusty Peach
Kona Pearl Pink
February 28: Pearl Pink
Kona Ballet Slipper
February 29: Ballet Slipper

Kona Color of the Day: February 16 – February 20

More bright pinks to work with – who knew there would be SO many bright pinks to work with? I love them, but sometimes they were a challenge! But Sew What?! This week I threw in a sweet southern phrase, some sass, my first use of a variegated thread on MAKE, and the first appearance in a Fairy Tale series – love those pigs! Find these and more in the Kona Color of the Day category.

Anything specific you are looking for? Let me know!

Kona Pomegranate
February 16: Pomegranate
Kona Honeysuckle
February 17: Honeysuckle
Kona Azalea
February 18: Azalea
Kona Camellia
February 19: Camellia
Kona Woodrose
February 20: Woodrose