New Coaster Sets

I have a lot of new Coaster designs and I decided I wanted to focus on making one thing – and that was Coasters. I like Coasters – they are fun to make and I came up with a way that it is all in the hoop so I just have to do some final trimming. I used to make the design and then sew them together myself. I like this new way better. Here are the sets available now. More to come! And if you are looking for a specific idea let me know and I will see if I can add that to the shop. Thanks and Happy Friday!

Big Bang Theory: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Coasters
Big Bang Theory: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
Big Bang Theory Coasters
Big Bang Theory
Cattitude Coasters
Eff Coasters
Coffee Talk Coasters
Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk
Reasons for Wine Coasters
Reasons for Wine
Soot Sprite Coasters
Soot Sprite
School Word Search Coasters
School Word Search
Patriotic-ish Coasters
Stranger Things Coasters
Stranger Things
ET Coasters
Star Trek Black Coasters
Star Trek
Star Trek White Coasters
Star Trek
Dark Crystal Coasters Set 1
Dark Crystal Set 1
Dark Crystal Coasters Set 2
Dark Crystal Set 2

Kona Color of the Day: March 21 – March 25

This week things changed a little bit. Worldwide things changed drastically, so I felt I needed to switch things up a bit, tone it down, etc. So instead of completely finishing these hoops, I think I need to ration my supplies right now as we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. But I will add a “Finish This” option to Etsy, and add a page to the Blog here showing all of the Kona Color of the Day pieces. If there is an unfinished piece that you see that you would like me to finish, you can check out with the Finish This option on Etsy, and that will allow me to order the silk ribbon and the other supplies necessary to finish that piece for you. It’s just what I need to do right now.

These reds were really hard to photograph. But the designs were fun!

Stay Distant. Stay Healthy everyone!

Kona Salmon
March 21: Salmon
Kona Brick
March 22: Brick
Kona Chinese Red
March 23: Chinese Red
Kona Pimento
March 24: Pimento
Kona Flame
March 25: Flame

New Accessories

I woke up early yesterday and made some new Accessories – Earrings, Ear Bud Holders, and a Zipper Bag. I need to fine tune the Zipper Bag process a little bit, and need more vinyl, but I will have several designs available when I figure that step out. They are so fun!

For now, here are the new Accessories I finished – one of each is ready to ship. They are all backed with matching vinyl, very lightweight, and super cute! I’m really liking the Ear Bud Holders – the Star is a bit tighter than the Poke Ball, but he’s so cute – just an extra moment of organizing and he will do what you need him to do. And the earrings are fun to mix and match.

Stay healthy everyone! We can do this and get through this!

Poke Ball Ear Bud Holder
Super Mario Brothers Star Ear Bud Holder
Bacon & Eggs Earrings
Cracked Eggs Earrings
Ketchup & Mustard Earrings
Peanut Butter & Jelly Earrings
Toilet Paper Earrings
Mickey Ear Hat Earrings

Kona Color of the Day: March 16 – March 20

Oh my gosh – the world is so crazy right now. Right before I went to sleep last night I saw that California is on Lockdown. California is closed. California!! That state is so large, so many people. California – and the rest of the USA – and the world – I am praying for you, all of us, all day long now. It wasn’t like this for H1N1, SARS, MERS – nothing has ever been like this before. It is INSANE.

So on that note – I may not be able to finish my project. I think I can get through March, but anything after that is a guessing game. Will I be able to get the supplies I need – so many unknowns related to that – money, price, availability, time to complete, etc. I have the Kona and the thread, so at the very least I should be able to finish the panel, it may just not be in complete finished form when I post them, but I will try to finish all that I can.

This set starts to finish the deep rich reds and begins the oranges. I tried to have some fun with this set. My husband would like to have the Circus Monkeys one on a hoodie for Scout campouts, just need to change the “Crap” to something a little more Scout friendly.

As always these are available through Etsy. Stay healthy everyone. Please be aware of your interactions – be smart, be safe, be healthy.

Kona Ruby
March 16: Ruby
Kona Cayenne
March 17: Cayenne
Kona Red
March 18: Red
Kona Tomato
March 19: Tomato
Kona Chili
March 20: Chili

Kona Color of the Day: March 11 – March 15

This set we are starting to get out of the rich reds and get into the deep rich browns and oranges. I just had to do Sewciopath on the bold, bright Cardinal. And I really liked how the mandala turned out on that Garnet background! All listed on Etsy – only one of each so grab the one you want today!

Kona Cardinal
March 11: Cardinal
Kona Poppy
March 12: Poppy
Kona Lipstick
March 13: Lipstick
Kona Coral
March 14: Coral
Kona Garnet
March 15: Garnet

Kona Color of the Day: March 6 – March 10

Finishing the Pinks and into the Reds. This was a salty week. And as I find more fund designs like these, I have a feeling they will find their way into the mix! All listed and ready to ship – if you see something you like grab it today – only one of each!

Kona Blush Pink
March 6: Blush Pink
Kona Peony
March 7: Peony
Kona Mahogany
March 8: Mahogany
Kona Crimson
March 9: Crimson
Kona Rich Red
March 10: Rich Red