Kona Color of the Day: January 16 – January 20

Halfway through the month and still going strong. Trying to stay a step ahead and figure out the designs for the upcoming colors. Some are really easy, some are much harder than they should be. Not that I had a theme, but this set of 5 days is all about “statement”. Enjoy!

Kona Wisteria
January 16: Wisteria
Kona Orchid Ice
January 17: Orchid Ice
Kona Thistle
January 18: Thistle
Kona Eggplant
January 19: Eggplant
Kona Dark Violet
January 20: Dark Violet

Kona Color of the Day: January 11 – January 15

Hello! I am back with the next 5 days of the Kona Color of the Day Project. The next 5 are still in the purple range, but some are deep and rich colors and some are lighter. I had fun with this set and their designs and color palettes! Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you would like to see daily updates!

Kona Princess
January 11: Princess
Kona Hibiscus
January 12: Hibiscus
Kona Mulberry
January 13: Mulberry
Kona Crocus
January 14: Crocus
Kona Dahlia
January 15: Dahlia

Kona Color of the Day: January 1 – January 5

Have you been following along on Instagram? Here is a recap of the first 5 days of the Kona Color of the Day Project. I am working my way through the Kona Calendar, and some colors are a challenge, but sometimes that is the good part – trying to think outside of the standard background box. Just 361 days to go! (Ignore the tiny snowflakes in the photos below – it was trying to snow when I was taking photos.)

Kona Velvet
January 1: Velvet
Kona Bright Periwinkle
January 2: Bright Periwinkle
Kona Lavender
January 3: Lavender
Kona Lilac
January 4: Lilac
Kona Midnight
January 5: Midnight

New Punny Patch Designs

I am slowly learning my software! I didn’t realize just how complicated this software would be, but I am picking it up. It would help if the tutorials I was following and all the information I receive about it were in Mac, which I use, and not the Windows that everyone writes about, and the version they teach. Mac and Windows are quite different it seems. But I am learning!

I had some new designs and I thought they would be good for some new patch options. So I took the existing large patch size, deleted the center, and added a new center. The designs were much more complicated than this, and did not want to be stitched in the first version (a Small patch version). So I went back to the computer, imported the large patch version, modified the designs down to a simpler version, and came up with these.

I can modify the color scheme, I just like how these colors play together. Available individually or as a complete set – currently only available in the Large patch 3.31″ size right now.

Click on any image to be taken to the Patches section on Etsy.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you have a Happy Last 2 Days of 2019!

Holy Scrap Patch
I Don't Give A Rip Patch
I Sweat Glitter Patch
I'm At My Knits End Patch
On Pins & Needles Patch
Pro-Craft-inator Patch
Sew Hard Or Go Ho
Sew What's
Well I'l
You Rip What Y
Punny Patch Se