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After Washing Your New Embroidered Kitchen Towels for the First Time

I have been doing several new designs on Kitchen Towels lately, some with big, dense designs, others with a lot of text. Some also have appliqué designs with Vinyl or Fleece. Sometimes I wash them to get the back of the wash-away off, and see how they come out of the dryer. They aren’t always so fun when you first see them out of the dryer – but don’t fret!

For my kitchen towels, I primarily use a towel that is 100% cotton – though I have been trying new versions for more variety in texture and color. But this post is about the 100% cotton towels.

I have photos of two examples below – one with a very dense Lincoln face, the other with a fun, less dense but still scrunched up Live and Let Fry. And as you’ll see, in the end, good as new.

They look a little scary coming out of the dryer. Most of the time I just do a quick iron to the front of the towel, straighten out the edges and the corners, and we’re good to go.

In these instances (as shown below), I start by ironing the design on the back of the towel – iron set to cotton with steam on.

Iron the design portion on the back, maybe a little more if you want, but I stay in the middle of the towel so I don’t iron the hems on the back. Then, I flip it over, iron the front, the edges, the corners, and we’re good!

REMEMBER: If the design has vinyl on the front, like the green lawn chair below – DO NOT iron the vinyl on the front. You can iron the back of the design, just keep the iron moving so it doesn’t melt the vinyl. Sometimes I also use fleece, such as the clouds below – I would probably still iron the back of the design on this one, but I’m less concerned about the iron melting the fleece.

Iron the back first, Cotton setting with Steam.
Iron the Front.
Iron the back first, Cotton setting with Steam.
Chair with Vinyl Appliqué – do not iron the chair on the front!
Fleece Clouds

Embroidery Software

Hello there! It’s June, and I haven’t posted in awhile. I apologize for that if you were looking for some updates. Life is just so crazy – all the time – and I need to do better!

Do you embroider – anything – ever? Do you use software, or are you thinking of using software? This is NOT a sponsored post! Not trying to sell you anything, just trying to share some knowledge.

I bought my sewing machine about 10-11 years ago. It had an embroidery component, but I had never embroidered anything before. Wasn’t sure it would be something I would use – I just wanted to sew fabric together. So I tried one day, and then something else, and then I kept going.

After a few months I started looking into software; I was looking at Mac specific software, as I am a Mac. I am NOT a PC unless forced to be a PC. So the same store where I bought my machine, they had software, Mac compatible. I know Embrilliance seems to be a popular choice, and I haven’t tried it so I don’t know much about it – but I do know my software of choice, there isn’t much out there for information on tips and tricks, how to use certain features, etc.

When I was initially looking at software (10-ish years ago), it was very expensive to buy the box, and I think it was called TruEmbroidery, something like that. Then it changed to various levels of Premier, Premier+, Premier+2. About 3 years ago, I dove in and bought the software. I was clueless. I can usually figure out software without too much trouble, but not having any background in this software, or the type of software, I was a little lost. Yes there was a very long PDF download for an owner’s manual. Yes, I found this one website that was supposed to be helpful, but watching the videos, it was like you were a 100-year old person that had never seen a computer before and was painful to get through.

I found another website that told you how to click buttons – I figured that part out already – but not why you were clicking, where to click, what this accomplished, why do you click like this and not like that… I was so frustrated, and those around me that knew I had software couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t just take this super detailed artwork and “click” make a patch for someone – after all there is an auto digitizing function, LOL. After a long time of being frustrated and not finding resources, I went to my old stand-by: Break It and then Fix It. Then you’ll figure it out.

Very slowly, that is working for me. I’ve learned how to do several things – my favorite being import fonts (already digitized embroidery font letters) and not have jump stitches! And Combine and Align. A new favorite.

Let me know if there is any interest in some screen-shot tutorials of some basic things. I use MySewNet – there is a steep learning curve and I haven’t even tried everything yet, but I like it. Again not a sponsored post. The software is available for Mac and PC – there are more modules available on the PC so I have to use those on my Surface, but I do all the font work, combine and align, and more on my Mac.

I made these cuties with the software – they all have names.

PDF Project Downloads

There has been some confusion lately as to where you can find the PDF files. I have moved all of the PDF files to my Facebook Group, but you can still find the projects and photos on the site here, such as the Crafty Pixel Quilt that has been so popular over the last 7 years! All of the information is still on the page with photos.

And the Floriani – Madeira conversion PDF. Yes, all the Madeira colors in the PDF were available at the time of conversion – most if not all are still available on their website. This is a reference and should be used as a guide – a starting point. Use your thread stash, project, lighting, etc. to make your final thread selections.

I have plans to add more resources to the Group in the future – just need to figure out some free time to do so. Until then, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy creating your Rainy Day projects!

New Tin Sets

It seems like it has been a long time since an update! I have been busy behind the scenes, and in day-to-day life, that I have been bad about updating – sorry! First up are some new Tin Sets – these fun playlets have proven to be very popular. Do you remember the Pink Axolotls and the Rainbow Axolotls? I made a new Grey Series to match! More designs are on the way. If you have a specific request let me know in the comments. Find all of these in the Studio.

Arctic Animals
Melanoid Axolotls
On the Farm

New Elf Items

We have eleven days until Christmas – how is your Elf game? I’m having so much making these items and am running out of time! Here are some recent favorites, and find more here and here on Etsy.

Etsy Listings Feed

Did you see I have a new page on the blog? Etsy Listings – this will allow you to view my listings on Etsy, and some information, and you can add to cart and checkout on Etsy! It’s updated in real time so the information should be accurate. Check it out!

Holiday Sale 2021

Happy November! I have placed both the Etsy Shop and the Studio on sale for November, to help you get going on your holiday gifts! On Etsy the discount will show automatically – the main photo will also show the regular price, and the shown price will be the discounted price – this goes through Black Friday Weekend.

For the Studio, just enter coupon code HOLIDAY21 at checkout to take 15% off your entire purchase!

Welcome to the Holiday Season! Hope you had a good Halloween – let’s bring on Thanksgiving!!

As always – more items coming soon!

Rainy Day Designs Studio Newsletter

I know how things get lost online – on Facebook, on Instagram, on Etsy, on Blogs. I know I do better to try and track what’s going on through my email.

I didn’t say I was totally caught up on my email by any means! But I do better at tracking and searching and finding and re-finding the information I am looking for through email.

So if you are like me, and would like updates on new releases, sales, announcements and more, sign up for my email list! Don’t worry, I will not flood your inbox! I am going to start utilizing this more for new items, exclusives, holiday sales, etc. I am also learning to digitize embroidery designs so this will be the way I can advertise for that and offer codes for a free download. Oh the things I’m working on right now – I am nerding out on how I’ve created things in stitches! The nuiMOs are getting some new things. 😁

Wander over to the Studio today and sign up for my email list – you should see a pop up that looks like the photo below. You never know what the next email will be about – or what’s in it!

Happy Monday!

Halloween Gnomes

Look at these guys!! It was like a Gnomie explosion on my machine last weekend – Felties, Finger Puppets, Ornaments – aren’t they cute?!

My list is very long for what I am working on right now, and I keep bouncing from one thing to another. If you have an idea or a special request let me know! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest – I also update the Shows I will be at so you can come see things in person! I can’t believe Halloween is so close – gotta get back to work!

Find all the Halloween Gnomies in the Halloween Sections in the Studio or on Etsy Halloween, Etsy Puppets/Toppers/Felties.

Halloween Gnomies Felties – in a Tin or for a Wreath
Halloween Gnomies Finger Puppets
Halloween Gnomies Ornaments