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Math Wheels

Just a quick post – it’s not much but I am so happy that I was able to create something from start to finish that will also help my son with math this year! I have more that I am making, but for now I was able to finish the first 5 of many math wheels. I really want him to pop out the numbers and just know them in his head, so I am hoping these will help the end result. From the first placement stitch to the final satin stitches I created the math wheels. It may not be a perfect design, but I think it is a great start for my first design product. I just thought they turned out so cool, I had to share! More coming soon.

New Shop

** UPDATE: I added a coupon code to the site through July. It doesn’t let me put the store on sale all at once so there is a coupon code for all orders. Use Coupon Code DROP15 through July. Have a great week! **

I hope everyone had a happy, long holiday weekend! Among other things, I decided to test out a new online shop. This allows me to have more items, more categories, and a little more freedom with listings than on Etsy, and I’m not sure how people get the Facebook traffic to sell there, so I decided to try this. I imported most products and have been taking the last 3 days to try and clean up a little. I do still have several more items to go through, but I think most things are set up and correct. I will be going through again to double-check and make sure all the photos are there. And I have new (and new OLD items) to add so I will be adding those as soon as I can, once all the existing product updates are complete.

If you happen to see something that is completely wrong, or have a question that I can address let me know – it’s not helpful to anyone if it is wrong or missing information. Also please be patient with any bugs that may arise with checkout or shipping. I haven’t used this eCommerce store before – I think I have everything set up correctly but I won’t know for sure until an order is placed all the way through.

Take a look – and check back soon – if you are looking for something and don’t see it on Etsy, it may show up here soon. And as always let me know if there is something specific you are looking for!

Home Page is

And find all products here. I will be updating the Categories soon, adding some, organizing. It will be a constant work on progress.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great rest of your weekend!

New This Week: 06.28.20

I got a lot done this week – I love batch creating! Many new Snap Tray options, bookmarks, bag tags/key fobs and a Fractions learning set. Trying to figure out what to make next – so much on my To Do list!

See all new items here: My Rainy Day Designs

Let me know if there is anything you are looking for!

Mini Series Sew Along: Complete

I didn’t post the second half of the blocks or the completed top! I had finished the 8 required blocks, but 9 was in my final plan. Other things kept coming up so I was rushing until almost the last minute to try to finish the final block and put them all together, so of course there were many issues. I probably would have changed a few things, but I don’t think I want to rip out and do it again.

My center block was not in the Mini Series, but I think it ties in perfectly. My biggest frustration was that even though all of these blocks were to work together for the series, the finished size of each block is different. So even though I created the full size of each block, they all have a different color count, and different finished size. Frustrating, but able to go back and delete the outer edge and sew on a new, fatter edge. It’s not perfect, but it is done. I think it was raining outside that day so the indoor photo isn’t great. Will try to get a better one when it is DONE done.

New This Week 06.21.20

Hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day weekend. We had a stormy weekend and they just keep coming. No hail this time though, happy about that. We are trying to keep the “Spring Cleaning” momentum going and finish some projects around the house. And I am still making new things – starting to do some back to school items because that is coming sooner than you think, and I know everyone wants to be ready!

This week I have some fun new hoop art, and some new key fobs and bookmarks, and some Hall Passes or large bookmarks for teachers, and some fun play crayons in a bag. For the Unicorn – I ALMOST made it purple. I have always been a “vote for the best person for the position” no matter what party they align with. Be a Unicorn – go have a Cocktail Party!

I am excited about what I am making now – and seeing what I can get done for next weekend!

Have a good first week of summer everyone! See all the new releases, and everything else, here on Etsy. If you are looking for something you don’t see let me know.

And yes – I will make more States soon!

New This Week: 06.14.20

Oh it has been a busy week – busy for you too?! There are some other posts I want to make too so I will try to get those up this week. So this week I finished 2 new hoop arts and have ideas for more, some new coasters and some new finger puppets. I personally love all of them and I hope you will too!

See all items here.

New This Week: 06.07.20

I don’t know how you are doing but my brain is about to explode. 2020 is clearly a year to remember – or rather forget as soon as possible. The pandemic. The senseless killings and riots. The call to action for a movement long overdue. Working full time, trying to learn new things and come up with and create new products. Trying to learn digitizing so I can create my own designs. The “feels like 107″… Impending storms on the coasts… where does it end?

I have also started a new Facebook Group for My Rainy Day Designs for Exclusive Designs previews. And when I start digitizing I will post some designs there, sneak peeks, etc. until I am ready to start selling designs! See more here and join me today!

To see more information and the rest of the new items: Visit Etsy.

Hope you are all safe and have a great week!

Mini Series SAL: First Half

Have you seen the Alison Glass / Guicy Guice Mini Series Sew Along? We are halfway done this week and I wanted to share. I did find one problem last night that you will see below, but I should be able to fix it.

I am using the Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric collection again, the same one I used for the Trinket Quilt. What I have found so far is that when I planned on a set of colors, each block has a different number of colors, so each block is a little different, and I start from scratch with my colors each time – but Kaleidoscope has 40 colors so it works. You can make the blocks to be any size – I chose to make them full size.

The first 4 Blocks are the Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, Pineapple, and Hexagon Steps.

Photos below – and find out more about this Sew Along here.

Mini Series SAL Colors
Mini Series SAL Log Cabin Block
Mini Series SAL Courthouse Steps Block
Mini Series SAL Pineapple Block
Mini Series SAL Pineapple Block Detail
Mini Series SAL Hexagon Step Block
Mini Series SAL Hexagon Step Detail
Mini Series SAL First Half
Mini Series SAL First Half Stacked

As you can see – the Hexagon Step Block is smaller than the other blocks – but I think I can fix it if I rip out the last 6 steps and redo them, and just cut it a little larger. I’m just not sure why the pattern was made that way.

New Bookmarks and Key Fobs

Happy Friday! Are you surviving whatever level of quarantine you are in? Honestly it’s not killing me – except I can’t just run to the store if I need something. A little more conscious about what and how much I use of everything. But if I run out of coffee or coffee creamer…

So I switched gears. I know I said I wanted to make all the coaster designs I have – and I still do – but there are a LOT more to make. I really wanted to make some bookmarks too. I had to switch things up, and I am so glad that I did – these bookmarks turned out great! And there are more bookmarks to come. I have such a long list of things to make, the hard part right now is figuring out what to make next – and what supplies I have for it in my stash, or do I need to wait until I get the correct supplies. So I make what I can make and hope for a perfect overcast day the next day to get a good shot. It doesn’t always happen.

Here is my latest set of Bookmarks, and some new Key Fobs – aren’t Cutie Cthulhu and little Gus Gus so adorable? And Jaq is coming soon!

Find the Key Fobs in the Key Fobs & Bag Tags section and find all the Bookmarks in the Bookmarks & Book Weights section. Perfect for an Easter Basket – at least one of each ready to ship. And watch for more to come soon!

Kona Color of the Day: March 26 – March 31

March is done! Not all completely finished – but DONE! And a reminder – I am rationing my supplies right now so if you see something here you want me to finish and put up on Etsy let me know and I can create a listing.

I seem to have trouble with the bright and bold colors – pinks, reds, oranges. And these are so difficult to photograph! Getting into the yellows now, wonder if I will have the same problems? Here is March. Now to think about April.

Kona Tangerine
March 26: Tangerine
Kona Orangeade
March 27: Orangeade
Kona Nectarine
March 28: Nectarine
Kona Creamsicle
March 29: Creamsicle
Kona Peach
March 30: Peach
Kona Cantaloupe
March 31: Cantaloupe